Review: Advance SW8000 Industrial Floor Sweeper

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Review: Advance Sw8000 Industrial Floor Sweeper

Product Name: Advance SW8000
Manufacturer: Advance
Notable feature(s): Dustguard 5-stage dust control system traps dust before it becomes airborne, uses full-time dust-controlled dual side brooms, 77″ sweep path.
Price Range:
$35,000 – $45,000  
Value for the money:
Options: Kubota liquid propane (LP) gas or diesel motors

Best for: The SW8000 works well indoors or outdoors and is ideal for large (200,000 sq foot) operations such as parking lots, foundries, campuses, stadium concourses or dry food handling areas. It’s also a good choice for operations concerned about OSHA silica dust compliance.

Not recommended for:
This machine is not recommended for wet weather or wet food handling applications. The Advance SW8000 only sweeps, and these applications require scrubbing.

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Advance SW8000 Sweeper Pros & Cons

Review: Advance Sw8000 Industrial Floor Sweeper

Pros: This is the best sit-down sweeper on the market today. It has the largest sweep path in its class (77″) and superior dust control. Advance’s dust control system beats anything else on the market.

Read more about how Advance’s dust control system works, or check out the video below. 

Cons: Sometimes customers fall in love with this machine and it’s too big/ wide for their application.  

Hands-on with the Advance SW 8000 floor sweeper: This machine is very easy to use. Operators like the “one-touch” controls; a single foot pedal controls direction and activates the brooms and dust control system.

Summary: This machine is unsurpassed for its dust control and productivity gains. Also, a well-cared-for SW 8000 can last 10 years, so you really get your money’s worth. 

Review: Advance Sw8000 Industrial Floor SweeperLearn more about the SW8000 from Advance’s website, or contact TMH with any questions. You can reach us online, or by phone:

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