Product Review: New AICHI Vertical Mast Lift

 Product Review: New Aichi Vertical Mast LiftProduct Name:  AICHI Vertical Mast Lift
Product Numbers: WM1230J & WM1630J
Manufacturer: Toyota Industries Company
Lift Capacity: 500 capacity (249 lb. at extension)
Notable feature(s): 24 volt AC drive motors, zero-degree inside turn radius
Price Range: $14,250-$24,500
Value for the money: Excellent

Best for: This mast lift is best for someone who wants a low cost of ownership and doesn’t care about brand names. This equipment can be used for all areas of construction, facility maintenance, warehousing, retail and manufacturing.

Not recommended for: dirt or areas of rough terrain or 30% grade or higher. 

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AICHI Vertical Mast Lift Pros and Cons

Product Review: New Aichi Vertical Mast LiftPros: AICHI’s vertical mast lift offers accessibility, versatility, serviceability and safety. It can go where other lifts and scissor lifts cannot.  Other benefits include:

  • Brushless A/C Drive Motor
  • Anti-Roll Back Function
  • Controlled Descent Function
  • Toyota Motor Controllers
  • Zero-Degree Inside Turning Radius
  • Digital Monitor with On-board Tuning
  • Sliding Extension Deck
  • Durable Construction
  • Roll-Out Platform Extension Deck
  • Tilt Alarm
  • 3 Stage Telescoping Mast
  • Easy Battery Access
  • High-Efficiency Battery Charger
  • Upper Control Box

Cons: Not designed for rough terrain or areas with a 30 percent grade or higher. 

12 ft, and 16 ft (platform height), working height of 18 ft and 21 ft. 
LED work lights, LED strobe light (amber)
Tool Tray
Fire extinguisher bracket

Alternatives: Other products in this item’s class include JLG, Terex and SkyTrak and Crown Wave. Currently, the best product on the market would be any JLG, but the AICHI ranks in the top five and is gaining ground against its competitors. 

Summary:  The AICHI vertical mast lift is convenient, compact and complete.  It’s made by a trusted aerial equipment manufacturer, renowned worldwide for its tradition of excellence and commitment to quality and efficiency.

The AICHI also includes features you’d expect on larger, more expensive lifts such as an ergonomic control handle means – to put the lift exactly where you want it and a multi-function display that shows battery charge level, power meter, fault-code readouts and allows on-board tuning without a laptop. It also has a convenient A/C power outlet for tools and other devices.

At Toyota Material Handling  (TMH) we are a full-fledged parts, 24/7 service and sales team.  If you do decide to go with another brand we can still service your equipment and get the parts you need. Let us help you find the right tool for your job. 

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