As/rs - A Single Solution To Many Warehouse Optimization ProblemsPicture one of your performance reports. Imagine what it would look like to see:

    • Throughput up 30-50%
    • Labor costs down 40%
    • Order accuracy improved to 99%

The numbers above are actual stats from real clients. These could be your stats, and you don’t have to turn your business upside down to see improvements like the ones above.

In today’s product review, we’re going to look at SRSI’s automated pallet racking systems and the benefits of converting some (or all) of your facility to an automated shelving system.

Is Automated Warehouse Racking Right for Your Business?

Automated racks are ideal for companies that handle high volumes of single-SKU pallets, or operations with intense loading and unloading activities. Fully-automated, high-density pallet storage is a single solution for the most common problems faced by warehouse and distribution center managers.

How many of these objectives are on your wishlist?

    • Maximize cube space
    • Increase productivity
    • Reduce labor costs
    • Streamline workflow
    • Improve inventory/order accuracy
    • Lower overhead expenses
    • Gain visibility into completed and in-process orders
    • Help team members avoid working in close proximity
    • Optimize forklift routes
    • Reduce the company’s carbon footprint

An automated pallet racking system allows you to check off every single one of the items above. Below are two of the most popular types of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) used by our customers in the Bay Area and Central California.

Schedule a consultation if you need a single solution to many warehouse optimization problems.

SRSI RAFT AS/RS Automated Racking Solutions
The main difference between the two options is how pallets move to/from the automated shelving system. One option uses a conveyor belt, and the other uses a put wall designed for forklifts.

Both options:

      • Use a fully-automated pallet shuttle system – SRSI’s AS/RS is two-dimensional, a major advantage over one-way systems
      • Maximize cube space and accelerate throughput – your existing space can become more profitable in just a few months
      • Are designed to scale –  expand up and out as needed
      • Can be implemented gradually – minimizing disruption to your business


SRSI AS/RS Warehouse Racking With Conveyor

How it Works:

– A pallet arrives via conveyor belt
– The system selects the optimal storage location
– A vertical transfer unit (similar to an elevator), moves the pallet to the appropriate level
– A RAFT robot moves the pallet to its storage position


SRSI AS/RS Warehouse Racking With Put Wall and Forklifts

How it Works:

– Forklift(s) bring pallets to an input area on the put wall 
– The system selects the optimal storage location
– A vertical transfer unit (VTU), moves the pallet to the appropriate level
– A RAFT robot moves the pallet to its storage position

Advantages of SRSI’s Automated Shelving Systems

We’ve partnered with SRSI because of their “lift and run” system. Unlike old-school one-directional systems, SRSI uses RAFT pallet shuttles to swiftly navigate inventory storage in two dimensions.

SRSI’s cutting-edge automation technology and 20+ years of experience mean you don’t have to worry about investing in a system that will be out of date in a few years. Their system is designed to scale with your operation and can fully integrate with automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Get More Profit From Your Existing Space

Ready to improve profitability, throughput and order accuracy while reducing labor costs? Let’s talk.

    • Tell us about your operation and the problems you want to solve
    • Find out if an automated storage and retrieval system is right for you
    • Get the answers you need to make an informed decision

We also offer other pallet racking solutions, inventory flow analysis, slotting and storage systems design. You can count on our team of experts to be by your side throughout the process, from the design and permitting process, through installation, implementation – and whenever you need us in the future.

As/rs - A Single Solution To Many Warehouse Optimization ProblemsThrough our partnership with SRSI, we can offer turnkey solutions to help you exceed your performance goals. Fortune 500 companies call on SRSI when they need warehouse optimization solutions, and now businesses in the Bay Area and the Central Valley can take advantage of their expertise and proprietary analysis tools. Contact a warehouse optimization expert online or by phone to schedule a free consultation.

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