Before You Buy a New Forklift, Visit Our East Bay Demo Center

Before You Buy A New Forklift, Visit Our East Bay Demo Center
Buying a forklift without doing a hands-on demo is like buying a car without taking a test drive. Two forklifts that seem equal on paper can turn out to be very different in real life.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time researching the lift truck you want, but only a hands-on demo can ensure the equipment you plan to buy meets your standards. Bring your operators, equipment maintenance team and other stakeholders to try one or more forklifts on different pallet racking systems at our state of the art showroom in Livermore, California.

Schedule a Forklift Demo in Livermore, California

Here are three more important reasons to demo different lift trucks before you buy:

#1 Consensus – Buying a forklift is a significant investment, and one your company has to live with for a long time. By inviting operators to the demo, you can confirm whether the equipment is ergonomically-suited to their needs. Bring decision makers along to ask questions and gain consensus and buy-in.

#2 Uncover all your options – in addition to sit-down forklifts, you can also demo:


#3 Find the right business partner – Some companies just want to sell you a forklift, while others will invest in your business long-term. A demo gives you the opportunity to learn who you’re buying from. Ask if the seller can provide 24/7 service, quick turn-around on parts orders, operator training and other business support. Describe any challenges you’re experiencing and find out whether they can offer practical solutions.

Bring your team to test drive new or used forklifts on different racking systems at our East Bay equipment showroom in Livermore. Our pallet rack set-ups give the demo a “real world” feel.

Please contact us in advance to schedule your demo so that equipment can be made available. We also offer short-term rentals if you’d like a longer assessment period.