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Buying A Forklift Which Is Better: Lowest Cost Of Ownership Or The Lowest Price?Some things are just worth paying more for – a decent set of tools, the family vehicle, the shoes you wear to work. A Toyota forklift may cost more upfront, but in the long run, it’s money well spent. Toyota lift trucks are durable and reliable with a low cost of ownership compared to other brands. That’s not just our opinion…

Last year Toyota was ranked the world’s #1 forklift brand for the 14th year in a row. You may have heard these “#1” claims before and wondered where this data comes from. So today we’re going to dig into some of the data and some reasons why Toyota has such a loyal following.

Peerless Research Group  surveyed 278 individuals involved with the evaluation and purchase of materials handling equipment. Participants represented a variety of material handling industries.

Buying A Forklift Which Is Better: Lowest Cost Of Ownership Or The Lowest Price?

All major forklift brands were represented in the study.

Buying A Forklift Which Is Better: Lowest Cost Of Ownership Or The Lowest Price?

In short: Toyota ranked #1 for:
Overall quality
Overall value
Lowest cost of ownership
Safest forklift brand
Fewest safety-related incidents

A lot goes into the decision to purchase a new forklift, but reliability, durability, productivity and safety were listed as the most important by survey respondents. Below we’ll break down why Toyota outperforms the competition in each of these areas.

Buying A Forklift Which Is Better: Lowest Cost Of Ownership Or The Lowest Price?

 – The lifespan of an average forklift is 10,000 hours , but Toyota forklifts regularly last 25,000 – 30,000 hours. Because of this, Toyotas command a higher trade-in value.

Toyota builds its lift trucks for the long-haul and includes features like a stamped steel engine hood and side panels. Other manufacturers use fiberglass or plastic. A fully-sealed air intake on the overhead guard minimizes dust and debris – protecting the engine.

Reliability – Toyota forklift engines undergo grueling tests, including two years of design calibration and 10,000+ hours of dyno testing. Toyota’s Engine Protection System reduces the engine’s output if the coolant temperature rises to a dangerous level, and the cooling system provides optimal airflow through the radiator and counterweight (reducing the likelihood of overheating) which also helps your forklift last longer.

Productivity – Toyota forklifts are designed to help the engine run efficiently and the operator working comfortably and productively. Toyota lift trucks include:

– An Economy or “Eco” Mode
Auto Engine Off – the engine can automatically power down after a (user-selected) amount of time to save both fuel and unnecessary wear and tear on the engine.
Mini-lever hydraulic controls with Ergo-Shift and a three-way adjustable armrest to enhance operator comfort and productivity.
Dash-mounted displays and a low profile cowl with sloped dashboard provide an unobstructed view of the fork tips in any position.
Strategic placement of overhead guard bars for ideal visibility when positioning forks and handling loads placed high on racking.
– Optional EZ Pedal so operators can quickly and easily change travel direction without removing their hands from steering wheel or hydraulic controls.
Tapered rear overhead guard legs and low profile LPG tank placement for a better view when driving in reverse.

How efficient is your forklift?  Try this iOS app to calculate fuel economy and productivity


Buying A Forklift Which Is Better: Lowest Cost Of Ownership Or The Lowest Price?

Safety – Survey respondents ranked overhead / side guards, mast function control systems and seatbelts as their top safety features. Toyota forklifts come standard with numerous safety features including:

Active Mast Function Control (AMC): a system unique to Toyota forklifts that recognizes dangerous tilt speeds when lifting payloads and slows the speed of the mast to prevent tipovers.
Overhead Guard Pillars: single-component welded construction improves rigidity and protects operators from falling objects.
– Additionally, Toyota introduced the world’s first and only System of Active Stability (SAS) that electronically monitors the forklift’s operations to help reduce the likelihood of both lateral and longitudinal tip-overs.
– Toyota forklifts come standard with seat belts, with an optional orange seatbelt to increase visibility and ensure proper usage.

Toyota Forklifts Offer Exceptional Lifetime Value

“Toyota forklifts offers quality construction, low downtime, high resale value and low cost of ownership,” said one survey respondent. Another mentioned “Toyota forklifts are so well designed. They listen to their customer’s desires. Everything on a Toyota forklift serves a purpose.”

Hear a longtime Total Industries customer explain why they choose Toyota:

Buying A Forklift Which Is Better: Lowest Cost Of Ownership Or The Lowest Price?

We’re unloading and loading probably 50- 75 trucks a day, and one being out is detrimental to the function of our business. Toyotas eliminate that downtime and our maintenance schedules are such that we’re never without a forklift for more than a day at most.  It really keeps production up and the guys moving lumber like they’re supposed to.
– James Wiley, General Manager Ashby Lumber.

Toyota forklifts aren’t the cheapest, but they are durable, reliable and offer exceptional lifetime value. When you buy a Toyota forklift, you invest in a machine that will serve your business reliably for years. When you buy from Toyota Material Handling of Northern California, you get a  business partner for life. Contact us for a quote or free evaluation.

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