Career Options For Auto Mechanics - Forklift Technician
If you’re an auto mechanic looking for better pay and a family-friendly company, consider becoming a forklift technician with Total Industries. According to independent research conducted by Toyota, the average forklift mechanic salary is $50,440/year. Compare this to the average salary of $39,980 for an auto mechanic. 

Forklift mechanic salaries vary by location and level of experience. That said, Total Industries offers competitive wages and excellent benefits.  Also, as the graphic below illustrates, mechanics can generally expect to make more as a forklift technician than an auto mechanic.

Career Options For Auto Mechanics - Forklift Technician


How to become a certified forklift mechanic

In the material handling world, forklift mechanics are actually called forklift technicians. There are two types of forklift technician jobs, and both are in high demand:

Forklift Field Technicians  are factory-trained mobile technicians that perform repairs and services on-site at customer’s place of business.

Planned Maintenance Technicians  are entry-level,  mobile, factory-trained technicians who provide basic maintenance services and provide recommendations for additional  repairs needed.

– Shop Technicians are factory-trained, shop-based technicians who perform various services including: pre-delivery inspection and used equipment prep all the way up to major heavy repair.

Anyone with training or experience as an auto mechanic can apply to be a forklift technician. Most auto techs find it isn’t a big leap. Forklifts have engines, transmissions, brakes and steering similar to cars, and utilize computer diagnostics.


Forklift Mechanic Training

Electric forklifts and hydraulics may be unfamiliar, but Total Industries provides hands-on training and support from master technicians. Learn more about how to become a forklift technician.

With locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, Salinas and Sacramento, Total Industries is always hiring forklift technicians.  We offer some of the best benefits in the industry, and it’s a great place to work. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming a forklift technician. Even if you don’t have experience as an auto mechanic you can apply for a forklift mechanic apprenticeship contact us online or by phone for more information:

East Bay – Livermore (510) 675-0500
Fresno (559) 834-9500
Sacramento (916) 376-0500
Salinas (831) 757-1091

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