Cascade Fork Positioner Product Review

Cascade Fork Positioner Product Review Product Name:  Fork Positioner Attachment
Manufacturer: Cascade
Interesting features: Fork Positioners allow lift truck operators to hydraulically move the forks together or further apart (individually or together) to quickly and accurately fit different pallet or load sizes without leaving their seat.

Price Range:  5,500 lb capacity models range from $1690 -$5950
(wide positioning = $5815 – $8500)
Value for the money:  Cascade’s fork positioner offers excellent value for all lift trucks handling different pallet sizes or irregular loads.

Best for:  Whether in a single forklift operation or a large fleet, fork positioners can provide flexibility and improve profitability when handling varied load sizes.  Fork positioners can provide significant productivity gains in applications where  the forklift operator leaves their seat multiple times a day to adjust the position of their forks (or for applications with irregular or varied loads).

– Fork positioners are commonly used in agriculture, paper handling, construction, machine shops, and food and beverage industries.

– High-visibility, hang-on style fork positioners are ideal for distribution, warehousing and manufacturing applications.

– Heavier-duty models meet the needs of more demanding applications such as outdoor or rugged/corrosive environments that require long forks or handling material with extended load centers.

Not recommended for: Any application that can handle all of their loads with the same fork position.  For these customers, a standard side-shifter will suffice.

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Cascade Fork Positioner Attachment


  • Hydraulically move forks  together or individually (depending on model)
  • The fork spread  can be customized to the needs of the end user
  • Side-shifting option available
  • A clamping fork positioner makes maneuvering awkward loads such as crates, bails, or tires much easier
  • rotating feature may be added for emptying bins in various applications.


  • Fork positioners improve productivity by allowing drivers to move loads without spending time manually adjusting the fork positions
  • When the forks are in the ideal position for the load being handled, there is less damage to products and pallets
  • Different fork mounting options are available for hook-on forks, bolt-on forks, weighing forks (iForks), or telescoping forks
  • A variety of opening ranges are available to suit any application – narrow aisle, zero closing units and extra-wide opening units that can extend far beyond the width of the forklift.
  • Side-shifting models have the additional ability to laterally position the forks or the entire load for faster and more accurate lifting and placement
  • Cascade offers an industry-leading 36-month warranty on new attachments


  • Increased forklift cost. Fork positioners work best on forklifts equipped with 4-way hydraulics, but options are available for 3-way hydraulics.
  • Increased maintenance cost*
  • Decreased forklift capacity

*A fork positioner requires very little maintenance. Your TMH technician can keep it lubricated when they perform the factory recommended forklift maintenance, and can advise when the wear strips need to be replaced.

There are multiple manufacturers of fork positioners that offer a wide variety of options to best suit the needs of each application.  Cascade offers top-of-the-line quality and parts support, along with Rightline Equipment, Inc. TMH partners with these industry leaders to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

The less your driver is leaving the seat of their forklift to adjust forks, the more loads they are handling in their workday. For this reason, a fork positioner can quickly pay for itself with increased productivity and reduced product and/or pallet damage.  Your TMH account manager can provide a complimentary fork positioner ROI report by request.

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