How To Choose The Best Tow Tractor Or Burden CarrierMaterial handling operations need more than just forklifts to get the job done. In today’s post, we’ll look at different options for industrial tow vehicles such as burden carriers, tow tractors and other electric carts.

Electric Vs. Gas Industrial Vehicles

How To Choose The Best Tow Tractor Or Burden Carrier
Due to growing concerns about noise and air pollution, most of the industrial tow vehicles and warehouse transportation vehicles on the market are electric. Electric tow tractors and burden carriers perform just as well as their LPG-equivalents but with lower maintenance and operating costs. However, we do carry some LPG tow tractors and a gas-powered burden carrier


Burden Carriers

Burden carriers handle loads from 600lbs up to 17,500lbs depending on the model and can do double-duty as a utility truck depending on your needs. Other factors to consider when choosing a burden carrier besides hauling capacity include:

    • Will it be used indoors or outdoors?
    • The size of the flatbed
    • How many people might ride on it (1-6 depending on the model)
    • Do you need an on-board battery charger?
    • Does your operation have narrow aisles?How To Choose The Best Tow Tractor Or Burden Carrier

Narrow-aisle solutions
Burden carriers go where other industrial vehicles can’t. This Taylor-Dunn SC-100 is just under 30” wide and highly-maneuverable. It also comes equipped with a 4, 5 or 6 step ladder that allows the operator to pick materials from higher stock locations. 

Customer Favorites: Taylor-Dunn Big Foot and Big Foot XL  The Taylor-Dunn Big Foot 48v is one of our best-sellers. It has 3,000lb load capacity and 7,500lb tow capacity. Customers like the heavy-duty all gear drive train that ensures reliability and low maintenance costs. Oh yeah, and it has cup holders! 16mph 40mile range, built-in battery charger.

Taylor-Dunn’s Big Foot XL is a larger version of the Big Foot 48v. This model has an optional cab with lockable doors and a towing capacity of up to 10,000lbs. Both of these vehicles are great for schools and universities

Tow tractors

How To Choose The Best Tow Tractor Or Burden CarrierSimply put: tow tractors move more in less time. A tow vehicle allows a single employee to transport 3,000lbs of inventory or more (up to 12,000 for LPG models) without strain. The tractor pulls carts behind it like a train: for every cart added, that’s one less trip an employee has to make – increasing productivity. They’re ideal for beverage, manufacturing and general warehouse applications. 


Utility Trucks

The Electruck is an electric alternative to full-sized utility pickup trucks. The full-size deck provides over 147 cu. ft. of cargo space and can carry loads up to 1,500 pounds. Top speed is 18 mph with a 20+ mile range. Electrucks, like all Taylor-Dunn vehicles,How To Choose The Best Tow Tractor Or Burden Carrier can be customized with cargo boxes, tool cabinets, ladder racks, etc., to meet your operational needs.


Multi-purpose Electric Carts

How To Choose The Best Tow Tractor Or Burden CarrierCan’t decide or need a utility vehicle that can do all three things? The B-210 can be reconfigured to personnel carrier, burden carrier or tow vehicle in the field to meet your changing needs. It also includes an on-board automatic battery charger, dual headlights, taillights, and hydraulic brakes. 

Indoor-friendly Burden Carrier / Tow Tractor  Taylor-Dunn’s C-432 is a sit-down combination burden carrier/tow tractor. Only 30 inches wide, this compact truck is designed to clear narrow aisles and standard doorways. This battery-powered How To Choose The Best Tow Tractor Or Burden Carriervehicle is ideal for moving loads over smooth floors in warehousing, hospitals, schools and other environments where quiet, fume-free operation is necessary.

At Total Industries we have a wide-selection of utility vehicles in-stock for material handling, transportation, tours, security and other applications. Non-marking tires are available on every unit. View our inventory of tow tractors, burden carriers and utility trucks.

Total Industries also has a rental fleet of Taylor-Dunn vehicles. Nicer weather means outdoor events like fairs, concerts, beer fests, and sporting events. Let us help with your special event needs. 

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