Build Pallets Faster With New Electric Order Pickers
The name Toyota is synonymous with continual innovation, and Toyota’s new line of order pickers is no exception. The new order picker forklifts include customer-requested improvements including:

  • Intuitive, ergonomic controls
  • Low-maintenance AC motors
  • New Lift Logic technology

Toyota’s electric order pickers can carry 3,000 pounds and are ideal for use in narrow-aisle, high-volume distribution centers including: 3PL, general warehousing, manufacturing, retail, food and cold storage. With lift heights of up to 390 inches and optional rail and wire guidance systems, operators can comfortably pick from even your tallest racks. Read on for four money-saving reasons to choose pallet picking equipment from Toyota.

4 Reasons to Choose Toyota for Your Next Order Picker

1. Lift Logic speed and height control system
Lift Logic technology continuously monitors lift height and optimizes travel speed while maintaining safe operation. Enjoy significant gains in productivity, without sacrificing safety, and gain a competitive advantage. Lift Logic makes picking faster and easier compared to conventional lift/lowering speed monitoring systems

2. Maximize uptime with AC drive and lift motors
AC motors offer extended run time with fewer battery charges and lower maintenance compared to DC motors. AC also means faster, smoother operation.

3. Reduce truck, product and racking damage in narrow and very narrow aisles
Toyota Order Pickers easily maneuver in narrow and very narrow aisles. The optional rail and wire guidance systems reduce truck, product and racking damage.

4. Minimize operator fatigue
– Variable lift and lower combined smooth controlled handling makes precise positioning of loads easier than ever.
– Ergonomic, multi-function control handle keeps operators comfortable throughout shift.
– Adjustable LED  lights illuminate the work area.
– Automatically locking pallet clamp accommodates stringers between 1 ¼ and 6 inches.
– Spring suspension system for the platform and cushioned mast staging provides a smooth, comfortable ride during travel and elevation changes.
– Low step height, bubble-cushion operator platform and anti-rattle mast further reduce operator fatigue.


Build Pallets Faster and Boost Order Picking Productivity

Toyota offers three new order picker models:
– Value-driven: a 24-volt order picker that can lift up to 240 inches.
– High-lifting: this 24-volt model lifts up to 366 inches at faster lift speeds compared to other manufacturers’ 24-volt models.
– High-throughput – this high-performance, 36-volt order picker lifts up to 390 inches.

Options (for all models) include:

  • Mini-masts
  • Five-battery compartment sizes
  • Pallet clamps with up to 6-inch openings
  • UL-EE
  • Battery interlock switches
  • Lift Logic Speed and Height Control System
  • End of Aisle Slowdown
  • Electronic Passkey
  • Flip-up Sidegates

Toyota Material Handling of Northern California (Total Industries) is your dock-to-stock equipment provider. We are the trusted partner of distribution centers and 3PL facilities in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Salinas, and Fresno. Whether you have a low throughput or multi-shift operation, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business.

Test drive one of Toyota’s order pickers at our state-of-the-art demo center in Livermore, CA. To schedule test drive, contact us online or by phone.

East Bay – Livermore (510) 473-8151
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