Review: Toyota Electric Order Picker

Review: Toyota Electric Order Picker

Review: Toyota Electric Order Picker

Product Name:   Electric Order Picker (model 7bpu15)
Manufacturer: Toyota 
Lift Capacity: 3,000 lbs up to 25 feet
Notable feature(s): Narrow aisle capability, low cost, high level of customization
Price Range: $34,000 – $37,000
Value for the money: Excellent

Standard Features: 

  • Bubble-Cushioned Floor Mat – provides operator comfort for all day use even on rough surfaces
  • Fixed Side Gates – provides operator safety while offering large space for load placement
  • Flush-Mounted Brake Pedal – reduces fatigue and increases productivity
  • Anti-Rattle Mast Staging – provides confident load handling at raised heights
  • Cushioned Mast Stops – smooth stage transition while raising and lowering operator platform
  • Electronic Power Steering – provides quiet, responsive, low-effort operation in tight spaces


Best for: Toyota’s electric order picker is ideal for many types of operations and industries including: warehouse order picking, and Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies with square footage over 10,000 square feet. The base legs and operator platforms are available in a variety of widths to accommodate different types of racking systems and product sizes.

Not recommended for: Do not buy this product instead of a forklift. It is not designed for placement of bulk storage/palletized goods.

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Toyota Order Picker Pros and Cons

Pros: Allow Operators to move vertically and horizontally to pick products and a variety of rack heights. Low cost of maintenance and overall operation. Available with rail and wire guidance.
Cons:  Electric power only. Indoor and smooth surface use only. Battery recharge time is required.

Hands-on with Toyota’s Electric Order Picker: We have customers in a wide variety of industries using Toyota Order Pickers: from auto parts suppliers to mattress and bedding suppliers. They enjoy the all-day run time which allows maximum efficiency and productivity for their operation.

Warehouse workers easily maneuver through the racking aisles en route their next order selection. The control handle has very intuitive directional selection and platform lift/lower functions, so new employees can easily learn to safely operate the order picker. There are a wide variety of mast heights and designs available which will accommodate high-density warehouses and warehouses that have height restrictions.

To schedule a demo of an order picker, reach truck, forklift, etc.,  or to request a quote, contact us online. Or, reach us by phone at one of our four northern/central California locations:

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