FSMA Requirements: Why Clean Floors are Essential for Food Processing Plants

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Fsma Requirements: Why Clean Floors Are Essential For Food Processing Plants
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Compliance and Certification are designed to prevent foodborne illnesses. Unfortunately, bacterial contamination remains a leading cause of FDA recalls.

Food contamination from Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes has actually increased in recent years – from 28 percent of food recalls to over 31 percent. With all the rules and requirements, how is this still a problem?

Clean Floors and FSMA/HACCP Compliance

Would you eat off the floors in your facility?  Floors are a haven for bacteria. Pathogens such as Listeria thrive in dust particles or anywhere water is allowed to pool.

Bacteria can easily transfer to food contact surfaces when dust particles become airborne, or when a worker steps in a pool of water and the germs “aerosolize.” Even if there is no dust or standing water directly adjacent to a food prep area, bacteria can be transferred from other parts of the facility on the bottom of shoes or rolling cart wheels.

The Hazards Created By Brooms and Mops
Your floors may look clean and safe, but your business may be at risk. Mops, brooms and shop-style vacuums are common cleaning tools, that actually increase the possibility of bacterial contamination.

Mops are an excellent tool – for spreading bacteria. The very first time a dirty mop goes into the mop bucket, the water becomes contaminated. With every dip, the “cleaning solution” becomes an increasingly murky stew of dirt, grime and bacteria that gets spread around your facility. This is why you rarely see mops used in hospitals.

Brooms create a similar problem. Sweeping kicks up dust particles and distributes them into the air. Any bacteria living in those dust particles is now airborne and can settle on food contact surfaces, or travel into air vents.

Why Shop-Style Vacuums Provide a False Sense of Security
Many food manufacturing or processing plants invest in shop-style vacs to upgrade their cleaning capabilities. Unfortunately, this type of equipment can make cross-contamination worse by dispersing dust and bacteria into the air and increasing the risk of a combustible dust explosion.

Using cleaning equipment designed for the food industry is the most cost-effective way to comply with GMPs and HACCP’s. For those who hesitate at the cost of one of these machines, consider the cost of non-compliance.

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Also, specialized cleaning equipment allows fewer people to clean more effectively in less time

Ensure FSMA/HACCP Compliance with the Right Floor Cleaning Equipment
Whether your food plant is subject to FDA or USDA regulation (or both), industrial cleaning equipment designed for food processing and handling plants is the best way to ensure compliance, cleanliness and worker safety.

  • Industrial scrubbers wet clean floors with water and detergent to prevent bacterial buildup and cross-contamination. Commercial machines can also dry the floor as part of the cleaning process to minimize the risk of slips, trips and falls.
  • Industrial sweepers collect dust and debris while preventing allergens and bacteria from blowing back out into the air.

Nilfisk-Advance cleaning equipment is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the food processing industry. Advanced, over-sized filtering systems prevent cross-contamination from allergens and bacteria and patented DustGuardTM technology traps and suppresses fine dust before it is dispersed into the air.

Nilfisk-Advance industrial cleaning equipment uses food-grade, FDA-approved polymer hoses, high-temperature wands and Nomex filters, color-coded nozzles, and modular features designed to make cleaning easier. Automated filter purging options to help reduce time and effort in executing a maintenance program.

Contact an industrial floor cleaning expert from TMH online or by phone with any questions you may have. Our product experts can help you choose the right floor cleaning equipment to enhance regulatory compliance, food and worker safety.  We also do on-site demos. Reach us online or by phone at one of our locations in Northern or Central California.

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