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Floor Scrubber Buying Checklist

Would you like your floors to be 60-70% clean, or 95% clean? Most companies would prefer 95% – and that’s what you get with an industrial floor scrubber. When cleaning with a mop and bucket, the more you clean, the dirtier the water gets. Industrial floor cleaning equipment uses 100% clean water the entire time, leaving floors cleaner and more hygienic.

Though the upfront cost is higher, commercial floor cleaning equipment can quickly pay for itself over time. For example: an employee with a mop and bucket can clean 4,000-5,000 square feet in one hour. A small automatic floor scrubber can clean almost 13,000 square feet in the same amount of time. Larger machines can clean more than 100,000 square feet per hour – a hard-working human would need 20 hours to do the same job.

If you’re ready to get cleaner floors in less time, here’s a checklist to help with buy the right floor scrubber and avoid expensive mistakes.

Floor Scrubber Basics

The efficiency and cleaning power of automatic floor scrubbers have made them standard cleaning equipment for schools, shopping centers, hospitals, gyms, etc. The scrubber dispenses cleaning solution and clean water as it moves along the floor. The scrubbing head loosens soils and collects oil and grease, and dirty water is sucked up by the solution recovery system.

Industrial floor scrubbers:

  • Are more hygienic (they don’t reuse dirty water)
  • Are 75% more efficient than mopping
  • Save water and can utilize environmentally-safe soaps

Floor Scrubber Buying Checklist

✔ How Large is the Surface Area That Needs to Be Cleaned?
Take a close look at the spaces that need to be cleaned. You might want a ride-on or walk-behind floor scrubber depending on your space and operation size.

It’s important to know the widths of your aisles to prevent expensive mistakes like ordering a unit with a squeegee that’s too large (narrow squeegee kits are available). You’ll also want to know the incline grades on any ramps where the machine may travel. 

✔ What Type of Debris Needs to Be Cleaned
The type of debris, and the volume to be collected are also good to know. A floor scrubber with a pre-sweep brush head is a smart option for some, but unnecessary for others.

✔ Where Will the Operator Empty and Refill the Machine?
Make sure you have space (and a hose) to refill the machine and drain out the dirty water. Extra-long drain hoses are typically available from the manufacturer, ask your local dealer. Also, check local regulations about disposing of wastewater.

✔ What’s Your Budget?
Buying industrial cleaning equipment is a big cash outlay compared to a mop and bucket. But when you consider, 90% of the cost to clean a space is labor, the machine quickly pays for itself.

– Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a machine simply because it’s the cheapest. Keep in mind that 90% labor cost and choose equipment that has time-saving features. 

– Choose the largest machine your space can accommodate. Bigger machines can carry more water which reduces the amount of time your operator will spend dumping and refilling.

✔ Consider Lifetime Cost of Ownership
Ask how much it costs to replace squeegee blades, brushes, tires, hoses, etc. and if they’e available locally. A cheaper scrubbing machine may cost more over the course of its lifetime ala a cheap computer printer that takes $100 ink cartridges!

Also, ask the dealer about service and warranty. If your machine requires service and it can’t be completed nearby, this can quickly increase the cost of your equipment. 

At TMH we stock new and used floor Scrubbers from Advance, a leading manufacturer in the industrial floor cleaning industry. We also have commercial floor cleaning equipment for rent from our locations in the East Bay, Sacramento, Salinas and Fresno.

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