When to Replace Advance Auto Floor Scrubber Parts

When To Replace Advance Auto Floor Scrubber Parts
An industrial floor cleaning machine can give you cleaner, more hygienic floors while saving time and labor costs. To ensure you’re getting clean floors, your auto scrubber needs its wearable parts replaced regularly.

Scrubber Machine Parts

There are four items that need to be replaced regularly on a floor scrubber:

  • Front brushes

  • Main scrub brushes

  • Side squeegees

  • Rear squeegees

Always Choose OEM Parts for Your Floor Scrubber
When the brush bristles wear down, it’s important to replace them with parts made by the original equipment manufacturer (also known as OEM parts). If you find a cheaper part online, ask yourself why it’s cheaper. Typically these parts are made from lower-quality materials, and can take weeks or months to arrive from a foreign country.

Non-OEM parts may also void your warranty. For example, OEM brushes are weight-balanced for the machine. These equipment-specific parts are designed to reduce vibration which can damage the motor. A cheap part can cause an expensive repair.

Replace Squeegees to Prevent Slip-and-Fall Accidents
A floor scrubber squeegee assembly has four sides and is designed to be rotated three times before it needs to be replaced. A worn or poorly-adjusted squeegee  can create water pick-up problems.

Avoid dirty water and slip-and-fall hazards by replacing your squeegees regularly! TMH carries a large inventory of floor scrubber parts, including Advance OEM parts. If for some reason we don’t have something you need for your auto scrubber, we can get it in one day or less.

If you’re not sure if the items above are being replaced as often as they need to, we offer maintenance plans for any business size or budget. In addition to replacing any necessary parts, our factory-trained technicians can service the engine/battery of your machine and help you avoid unexpected downtime.

Looking to buy industrial or walk-behind floor scrubber? We stock new and used industrial floor cleaning equipment from Advance, a leading manufacturer in the industry. We also have commercial floor scrubbers for rent from our locations in the East Bay, Sacramento, Salinas and Fresno.

When To Replace Advance Auto Floor Scrubber PartsOur friendly and experienced staff are happy to answer any questions you may have. We also offer on-site equipment demos (some restrictions apply).  Please contact us online, or by phone:

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