2000-hour Forklift Service Vs. Routine Maintenance

2000-Hour Forklift Service Vs. Routine Maintenance

2000-hour Forklift Service Vs. Routine Maintenance

On a forklift, 2000 hours is equivalent to 60,000 miles on a car. Some customers believe the cost of a 2000-hour service is too high, or they don’t want to take the forklift down for a whole day. What they may not realize is the factory-recommend 2000-hour service is vital to keeping the forklift safe and operable and it improves resale value.

This service also prevents major components from failing prematurely which can be very costly. Additionally, if the unit is under warranty, the 2000-hour service keeps there warranty intact.

Learn more about what’s included in a 2000 hour IC forklift service versus a standard planned maintenance service.

Planned Maintenance Vs. 2000 Hour Forklift Service

Most people understand the importance of having planned maintenance performed on their equipment whether it’s a forklift, a tractor, a car, or any other type of machine with an internal combustion (IC) motor.

Routine maintenance typically includes:

  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Checking the transmission fluid, differential fluid and hydraulic oil level
  • Blowing out the radiator
  • Checking the coolant, checking hoses and belt tensions
  • Lubing grease fittings
  • Inspecting battery connections and water level
  • Checking tire pressure

On a forklift, you also need to inspect the material handling system, mast rails and rollers, trunion bushings, mast chains (for elongation and wear), fork heels (for wear and cracks), load back rest (for cracks and loose or broken bolts), hydraulic hoses, all safety decals, warning devices such as strobe lights and backup alarms, seat belts, lights, data plate (to make sure it’s correct and legible), and all other items such as material handling attachments.

Additional services are performed on a 2000 hour service in addition to routine engine maintenance.  

A 2000 Hour Forklift Service Includes:

    • All fluids and filters changed including: hydraulic fluid and filters, transmission fluid and filter, differential fluid, new air filter, new fuel filter
    • A radiator flush and new coolant
    • The engine gets a compression test to evaluate its condition and a complete tune-up is performed with new spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor and spark plugs.
    • We pull the front axles and brake drums and check and adjust the braking system
    • The rear wheel bearings are packed and we install new seals
    • …and more.

There are four pages with a total of 120 items that are checked and or inspected as part of the 2000-hour service to ensure the integrity of the forklift. I personally feel that this service is essential to protecting your investment, maintaining up time and keeping your employees safe. Not to mention, these inspections are required by OSHA 

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