Popular Toyota Forklift AttachmentsSome people think forklift attachments are only for specialized applications like moving big rolls of paper. But the reality is, attachments give your forklift superpowers such as the ability to:

  • Carry multiple pallets at once
  • Pickup fragile items – even if the operator is a novice
  • Move items without using heavy, expensive pallets

Attachments allow a material handling operation to be more competitive by doubling their efficiency, cleaner and leaner by eliminating heavy pallets and more profitable through lower labor costs and reduced product damage.

Popular Forklift Attachments in California

The popular forklift attachments we sell in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Salinas and Fresno include:

Single-Double Forklift Attachment

A single-double allows one forklift to carry two pallets at once.  Two pallets at once means fewer trips, increased productivity and efficiency. This attachment is the most revolutionary thing to happen in the material handling industry in the last twenty years.

The single-double forklift attachment we carry can navigate down narrow aisles in single-pallet mode, then expand to four forks and handle two pallets. The attachment also includes a sideshifter to maneuver loads into trucks and containers. If you have a high-throughput operation (and a forklift that can handle it), there are multi-pallet handlers designed to carry up to 12 pallets.


Layer Picker Forklift Attachment

A layer picker is a cost-effective way to handle single or multiple layers of product. The forklift takes the top layer off one pallet and moves the product elsewhere to quickly build mixed-load pallets.

With a layer pick attachment, a forklift operator can fill orders at an average speed of 1250 cases an hour compared to 250 cases an hour manually. Here’s a video showing a layer picker in action.

Push/Pull Slip Sheet Forklift Attachment

The push/pull attachment (also known as a slip sheet attachment) was developed by Coors Brewing to eliminate pallets. But slip sheets work with most unitized goods (cased food, cosmetics, etc.), not just beer. Some of our customers here in Northern California use slip sheets to handle bagged products like seed and cement.

Instead of a heavy, messy pallet, product is loaded onto a lightweight slip sheet. The forklift attachment grasps the lip of the slip sheet and pulls it onto thin, wide forks called platens (see video below).

When you switch to slip sheets, you save space and reduce fuel. Slip sheets:

  • Weigh twenty times less than a wooden pallet
  • Are reusable
  • Can handle up to 4,000 lbs.
  • Cost around $2-$3 each compared to $13+ for a pallet

Clamp Forklift Attachments

Bale and Carton Clamps – Bale clamps handle any baled products (paper, plastic, cotton, hay, etc.) using long, extendable arms. Carton clamps have 48” x 48” pads that squeeze and then lift the load.

Carton clamps are commonly used to handle appliances, drayage, or for some Total Industries customers: 56 cases of wine. Like slip sheets (described above), carton clamps eliminate the need for pallets. No pallets means a cleaner environment and no wood debris, nails or other pallet detritus to worry about.

Rightline’s smart clamp is a popular choice because it’s so easy to use. Watch the video below to see what we mean.


Forklift Attachment Safety

Operator Training
Even certified forklift operators need training on how to use an attachment safely. Attachments change the forklift’s center of gravity and fuel consumption, among other things.

Is Your Lift Truck Ready to Handle a Forklift Attachment?
Some attachments can only be used on lift trucks with 6,000 lbs + capacity.  Check your lift truck’s capabilities (the data plate is a good place to start) and consult an expert. Also ensure you have a suitable locking device for the attachment and, when applicable, a clamp release interlock device.

Try before you buy!
Schedule a free, hands-on demo at our Livermore location or rent a forklift attachment in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Salinas or Fresno.

  • Paper Roll Clamp
  • Carton Clamp
  • Single Double
  • Rotator
  • Push / Pull
  • Extra LP Tank

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