How Does T-matics Help Reduce Fleet Costs?

Making a strategic decision without enough data is like trying to drive to an unfamiliar location without a map. Without the right information, you’ll end up in the wrong place.

Managing a forklift fleet often means answering tough questions with limited information. Questions such as:

  • Why do some areas of the facility require more forklifts and more overtime?
  • How can we decrease downtime?
  • Do we have the optimal fleet size?

Take the guesswork out of fleet management by implementing a Vehicle Management System.

Do You Have All the Information You Need to Stay Competitive?
Managers are increasingly asked to work smarter, do more with less, and manage expenses. But knowing where to economize without cutting corners can be a real guessing game.

Many companies today operate without:

  • A true understanding of material handling movements made by industrial truck operators
  • Tools and data to measure the complete productivity of their operators
  • An efficient way to ensure vehicles are safe to operate
  • A system to temporarily reassign vehicles and operators based on peak needs

To tackle these issues, many  companies have adopted a Vehicle Management System (VMS). A VMS provides key performance indicators so you can make strategic decisions regarding your forklift fleet. With a VMS you get:

Real-time utilization and long-term trends
Vehicle Management Systems provide real-time data from the forklift and the forklift operator. Track the location of all your vehicles and how often they’re being used. Use the information to reallocate equipment and use your assets more efficiently. Or, utilize the data to prove how a new machine will increase productivity.

Improved safety and reduced labor costs
A VMS allows you to answer questions, such as:

  • How long should it take to (safely) complete a specific task?
  • Why are some operators paid overtime while others are not working their full shifts?
  • Where do we need to focus our labor resources today?
  • How do we know what our vehicle and operator needs will be in the future

Lower maintenance costs
Track motion hours (as opposed to meter hours) and reduce PM costs up to 50%. Plus, gain peace of mind that you’re maintaining vehicles efficiently while increasing vehicle uptime.

In a nutshell: a vehicle management system allows you to avoid spending a penny more than you should on equipment, maintenance or repairs. Besides improving efficiency, you’ll also increase safety. Keep reading to learn more about Toyota’s VMS, T-Matics.

Improved OSHA Compliance
A VMS also helps ensure OSHA compliance.

  • Daily checklists must be completed before the equipment can be used.
  • Checklists are completed on a screen in realtime and stored in the cloud (no more paper files and unorganized chaos).
  • Negative answers to questions such as, “are the brakes working?” are immediately reported to management by text or email and the machine cannot be operated.
  • Record are easily accessed for OSHA if an accident ever occurs

Toyota T-Matics Fleet Management

How Does T-matics Help Reduce Fleet Costs?

Toyota T-Matics FAQs

How big does my fleet need to be to justify T-Matics?
Toyota provides two T-Matics products: T-Matics MOBILE and T-Matics COMMAND.

– T-Matics MOBILE works on any size fleet and operates entirely via cellular signal.
– T-Matics COMMAND is ideal for fleets of at least 10 or more forklifts. This comprehensive telematics solution can operate over cellular or WiFi and be used at multiple locations.
– Download the T-Matics two-page fact sheet. 

 What software does Toyota T-Matics require?
Only an internet browser is required. Both T-Matics MOBILE and T-Matics COMMAND are capable of web-based reporting.

Can I use T-Matics on non-Toyota forklifts?
Yes, T-Matics works on any make or model of forklift.

A Vehicle Management System like T-Matics takes the guesswork out of managing fleet costs. Make smart, data-driven operational decisions using key performance indicators. With a complete fleet management tool like T-Matics, you can make strategic decisions regarding your forklift fleet and rise to the challenge of today’s competitive market.

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