4 Reasons To Use Forklift Fork Extensions

4 Reasons to Use Forklift Fork Extensions

4 Reasons To Use Forklift Fork ExtensionsExtendable reachforks are an easy way to improve the efficiency of your warehouse. By converting standard lift trucks to carry twice as many pallets, you’ll experience substantial cost savings. Fork extensions also allow your operation to switch to double-deep pallet racks – which can increase warehouse space by 30%.

The four main advantages of hydraulic forklift extensions/ reachforks are:

    • Space saving with double-deep pallet racks
    • Time savings for applications with numerous load sizes and shapes
    • Unload and load multiple pallets per pick for 50% time savings
    • Load/unload trailers from just one side – improve safety, save time and labor costs

The video above shows the advantages of double-deep racking. By utilizing  a lift truck with telescopic forks, warehouse racking at each side of the aisle can be doubled. This increases warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to the standard, single-deep warehouse set up.

KOOI-REACHFORKS® Fork Extensions

Extendable Reachforks are used for double-deep stacking, one-sided loading of trucks and trains, dual/multi-pallet handling and as extensions when a variety of different pallet sizes are used.

The hydraulic, extendable forks are controlled by the lift truck driver from inside the forklift cage. The fork extensions can also be outfitted with cameras to aid overhead pallet stacking.4 Reasons To Use Forklift Fork Extensions

Extendable ReachForks:

  • Allow operators to place loads in hard-to-reach spaces using the hydraulic functions of the lift truck.
  • Enable the operator to extend a load without getting off of the lift and finding the extensions – saving time and money.
  • Are safer for the installer’s hands and fingers.

Manual Reachforks are a good choice for operations with budget limitations, an infrequent need for forklift fork extensions, or the inability to add extra hydraulics to their forklifts. Manual fork extensions are easy to use and virtually maintenance free.4 Reasons To Use Forklift Fork Extensions

Here’s a 3-D animation and cutaway of the KOOI-REACHFORKS assembly.  For more information on forklift accessories, attachments and forklift parts, contact a helpful member of our staff online or by phone.

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