Little Fixes That Prevent Big Problems

Little Fixes That Prevent Big Problems

Little Fixes That Prevent Big Problems
Sometimes it feels like breakdowns and major repairs can come out of nowhere and cause a big repair bill at the worst possible time. Although accidents are by definition unpredictable, there are many things you can do to protect your equipment and your budget. Good housekeeping, proper battery care and planned maintenance services are just a few ways that can help catch and prevent big, expensive breakdowns.

How to Avoid Expensive Forklift Repairs

Good Housekeeping
Plastic wrapping, straps and ties, pallet chips and general debris on the warehouse floor can wreak havoc on your forklift.
– Plastic wrap and ties can get pulled up into the wheel hubs. As the operator drives, the buildup can tighten causing damage and strain to the seals.
– Pallet chips and other debris can damage the tires themselves causing chunking and requiring replacement.

In short, making sure the floor and pathways where your forklifts travel remains clean and tidy is a small task that can help you avoid big repairs. Check out our inventory of Advance floor sweepers and auto scrubbers for all of your housekeeping needs.

Know Your Equipment 
Whether you run your equipment three shifts a day or a couple of hours a week, knowing your lift and the way it’s meant to run will help you catch when things are off. Require operators to use a daily forklift inspection checklist before each shift. It’s an OSHA requirement, and they are an essential way to identify small problems before they become big ones. Daily inspections only take about 10 minutes to complete and can catch problems that, if left unnoticed, can take your lift truck offline for a day or more. 

Proper Battery Care
Electric forklifts and pallet jacks are increasingly popular due to: 

  • Lower maintenance costs vs. internal combustion-powered machines
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • Quieter operation.

Following forklift battery do’s and don’ts can lengthen the overall battery life. Properly caring for your batteries and charging stations can help avoid costly battery system repairs or replacement. Regular inspections are also important: if you see any corrosion on the battery cells, it’s best to
call a forklift repair professional as a corroded cell can cause other components to overheat and at times fail. Learn more about electric batteries and their care

Planned Maintenance
One of the easiest ways to protect your budget is a maintenance or service program. On average, the cost to repair a forklift is four times higher than the cost to properly maintain the equipment in the first place.

maintenance or service program means predictable costs month after month. A certified technician will come to your operation and provide any factory recommended services. Along with a 250-hour service, Toyota also recommends a 1,000 and 2,000 hour service that when completed can help protect your warranty and in turn make sure that your lift is performing well for the future. Contact us today to set up the maintenance plan that is right for you.

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