Forklift Repair: Easier Said Than DoneLooking for ways to bring down costs in your department? Managing the repair and maintenance costs of your forklift fleet is a good place to start. Below are some tips to help reach your goal.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure…

One of the easiest ways to avoid expensive repairs is to properly maintain your equipment.  If you didn’t brush your teeth every day, you’d eventually have an expensive and painful root canal or other dental “repair.” It’s the same with a forklift. 

The tendency to cut corners can be very expensive. Some of the most common preventable reasons that result in calls for repair include:

  • Fluid levels that are not regularly checked
  • Batteries that have not been maintained (lack of water being the most common issue)
  • Tires damaged by rough floors or debris on the site

Fluids and filters should be changed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts will save you time and money in the long run.

Have routine maintenance done on the whole fleet whether they are in a working condition or not. This prevents a total breakdown of the equipment and costly repair that may follow.  

Safety inspections should be carried out before the start of every project and at least after three months depending on the usage of the equipment. Malfunctioning safety features in a forklift are likely to cause severe damage to the equipment and the personnel at the site.

Track Service and Repair Expenditures

By tracking service and repair costs from the past allows you to reduce expenditures in the future. Document the service done for each forklift to find areas where you can cut costs and identify areas that are taking the bulk of your service budget.

Total Industries is among the select companies that are factory-certified and keep detailed records of services performed on their customer’s equipment.  Further, you’ll want to find a company like Total Industries that has a paperless work order process.  Being able to access all of your service documents on-line 24-7 is a plus.


How to Find the “Right” Forklift Service Company

Can the company handle repairs while the equipment is on-site?  Moving equipment away from the site can sometimes be cumbersome and very expensive.

Does the company have the technical ability, tools, and expertise to deal with a variety of issues?

Will the company keep track of your fleet’s maintenance history to help make future decisions?  For instance, selling off equipment. 

We hope you will consider Total Industries for your service and repair needs. We offer 24 hour, on-site service regardless of the brand of forklift your company operates.  Submit a service request online or by phone:  (800) 527-3746.