1000 And 2000 Hour Forklift Service - Are They Necessary?

1000 and 2000 Hour Forklift Service – Are They Necessary?

1000 And 2000 Hour Forklift Service - Are They Necessary?Customers sometimes ask, “do I really need to do the 1,000-hour or 2,000-hour service on my forklift?” It’s a fair question. The equipment is likely running great and taking it offline may seem like a waste of time and money.

There are a few reasons to do the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, not the least of which is OSHA’s requirement. Other reasons include: ensuring the lift is in safe operating condition and increasing the up time and longevity of your lift truck (or other material handling equipment).

OSHA Forklift Maintenance Requirement

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires a preventative maintenance program that ensures equipment is safe for employees. The OSHA standard does not only apply to forklifts, aerial lifts and all material handling equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained.

OSHA’s standard is designed to prevent employees from getting injured by broken or poorly-maintained equipment. For example, should the brakes or hydraulic cylinders fail, this could create an extremely hazardous situation for employees. For this reason, a thorough safety inspection is included with both the 1000-hour and 2000-hour forklift service.

1k and 2k-Hour Forklift Maintenance – What’s Included:

1000 hr service

  • All fluids changed
  • Thorough safety checks completed by factory-trained technician
  • Keeps your lift running under warranty
  • Give you a record of inspection for OSHA

2000 hr service includes all the 1,000 hour items plus:

  • Mast operation inspection
  • Steer axle operation inspection
  • Brake inspection
  • Compression check
  • Clean and check fuel system
  • Check hydraulic pressures
  • Inspect cooling system

What you put into the lift is what you are going to out. Fleet managers who follow the manufacturer’s recommended service guidelines will have a great lift that performs well for many years and/or own a forklift with a high trade-in value. Cutting corners and neglecting maintenance leads to frequent breakdowns, premature failures and expensive repairs.

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