7 Reasons to Choose a GEM Versus a Golf Cart

7 Reasons To Choose A Gem Versus A Golf CartLet’s be honest, golf carts weren’t made for industrial or commercial applications. They were made for leisurely drives around a golf course.

For light duty applications, such as transporting passengers and light cargo, a golf cart may be fine. But for heavy-duty applications that require transporting cargo, covering long distances, and/or traversing steep or rough terrain, you’ll want the suspension strength, clearance and braking capacity of a commercial electric vehicle like a GEM.

With a GEM, you can drive on-road or off-road with confidence. You won’t have to worry if your vehicle’s brakes are strong enough to stop a heavy load going down a steep grade, or if all your tools and supplies will fit securely.

Generally speaking, a NEV such as a GEM is a better choice (versus a golf cart) for: shuttles and tours (especially those that cross city streets), indoor / outdoor hauling, park maintenance, and patrol / security applications.

Advantages of GEM Versus a Golf Cart

– Street-legal safety features including:

  • 3-point safety belts
  • Headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Laminated (safety glass) windshield

– Up to 1,500 lb payload
– Higher ground clearance
– Top speed of 25mph (vs 15 mph for a golf cart)
– Legal on city streets with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less*
– Front wheel disc brakes with “regen” technology to capture and reuse energy
– Customizable with a flatbed, enclosed cargo area, stake or solid sides, ladder rack, lockable front and/or side toolboxes
– Add solar panels or upgrade to lithium batteries for extended range

*always check local regulations

The GEM eL XD is popular with universities, airports, large warehousing, and corporate campuses that cover multiple city blocks. It’s also good for maintenance departments, or general contractors in major cities. The eL XD also works great in state parks because it performs well in cold or warm weather.

If you need a vehicle that can tow, or a vehicle designed for a specific application, Taylor-Dunn has numerous customizable vehicles.

Taylor-Dunn’s Big Foot XL has an enclosed, lockable cab and a towing capacity of up to 10,000lbs. Their Electruck is an electric alternative to full-sized utility pickup trucks with nearly 150 cu. ft. of cargo space, it can carry loads up to 1,500 pounds. The Electruck’s top speed is 18 mph and it has a 20+ mile range. All Taylor-Dunn vehicles, can be customized with cargo boxes, tool cabinets, ladder racks, etc., to meet your operational needs.

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