Gift Ideas For Forklift Drivers

December is a time to celebrate the year that was, and a great time to show appreciation for your hardworking forklift operators and the dedicated members of your material handling team. Below are some gift ideas for forklift drivers and outstanding employees.

Practical Gift Ideas for Forklift Drivers

Gift Ideas For Forklift DriversA magnetic clipboard and caddy help your operators stay organized and hydrated.

  • The aluminum clipboard is paired with a 100lb magnet to prevent packing slips, invoices, work orders and other important paperwork from getting lost.
  • The magnetic caddy can be used as a drink holder, and a secure place for pens, tools, box cutter and a tape gun.

Gift Ideas For Forklift Drivers
An anti-blind spot mirror or mega mirror is another way to make your lift truck operator’s life a little easier.

Gift Ideas For Forklift Drivers

Protect your forklift operators from the elements with a canopy to shield the forklift operator from the sun and rain. 

For the ultimate show of appreciation: order a replacement forklift driver’s seat. Poorly-designed seats are a major cause of operator fatigue and even injury. Replacing a worn-out seat with a replacement seat can be the best way to improve productivity, and your forklift operators will thank you for it. More economical alternatives include a backrest, half-backrest, or anti-vibration seat cushion.

Forklift Operator Apparel and Other Fun Gifts

Gift Ideas For Forklift DriversGift Ideas For Forklift DriversGift Ideas For Forklift Drivers

Gift Ideas For Forklift DriversGift Ideas For Forklift Drivers

It doesn’t matter if your forklifts are electric or ICE, the operator runs on caffeine. Bring a smile to their face every morning with a humorous coffee mug that says, “Vertical Payload Relocation Officer,” “I Do All My Own Stunts,” or simply: FORK IT.

 Gift Ideas For Forklift Drivers

Sweatshirts and hoodies are appreciated this time of year. Surprisingly, there are several different choices for Christmas-themed Forklift Driver shirts.
Gift Ideas For Forklift DriversGift Ideas For Forklift Drivers
For something that can be worn anytime of year, not just during the holidays, how about a Forklift Ninja hoodie or a forklift driver “evolution” sweatshirt. 

A Forklift is Not a Toy! Unless it’s a Toy-ota
Gift Ideas For Forklift DriversForklift drivers with kids (or grandkids) might enjoy this scale-model Toyota forklift with forks that go up and down and wheels that roll.  Buy it on

Gifts for Retired Forklift Operators and Exceptional Drivers

To recognize a forklift operator who’s retiring, or a driver who went above and beyond this year, get them a World’s Best Forklift Driver shirt or a Keep Calm and Let the Forklift Driver Handle Itwater bottle.  The truly great ones deserve a Best Forklift Driver in the Galaxy shirt
Gift Ideas For Forklift Drivers


From the TMH family to yours, we wish you all the best this holiday season.