Product Review: High Density Polyethylene Pallets

Product Review: High Density Polyethylene Pallets

Product Name:  ProGenic Heavy Duty Pallet
Manufacturer: PSI
Load Ratings: Static Load Ratings of 20,000 lbs, Dynamic load ratings of 5,000 lbs 
Notable feature(s): Lightweight, non-halogen, FM approved, FDA compliant, grommets and 6” or 5” models. The optional interrupted perimeter lip keeps product from shifting during transit.  
Price Range: $90 – $100 each
Value for the money: Excellent

Plastic Pallets are ideal for: food processing plants, vineyards, beverage companies & pharmaceutical applications

Product Review: High Density Polyethylene Pallets


Pros and Cons of High Density Plastic Pallets

Pros:  Plastic pallets mean you won’t have pallet shards and debris that can damage pallet jack wheels, or cause a slip and fall hazard.  The flow-through design not only helps maintain cleanliness, it facilitates quick and straightforward inspections during cargo loading.

Cons: these pallets are not designed for outdoor applications

What our customers are saying: 
The pallets are neat, clean and lightweight.
A must-have for food manufacturing.

Save money and the environment 
ProGenic Heavy Duty pallets are more than just durable and easy to use, they’re also a forward-thinking choice for the environment. By choosing a long-lasting plastic pallet over a disposable wood alternative, you help prevent deforestation and get a product that you won’t have to pay to replace as often.

Best of all, these pallets are fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. They can be converted into materials for use in other consumer products.

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