Why High-speed Doors Are A Superior Choice For Your Cleanroom Facility

Cleanrooms are utilized across a host of industries not limited to:

  • cGMP life sciences
  • Food production
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Semi-conductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical devices

Every square inch of a designated clean facility is constantly monitored to keep contaminants low and compliance in check.

But the fact is that many of these facilities are using dated technology when it comes to one of their most crucial areas – cleanroom doors.

Why Choosing the Right Cleanroom Door is So Important

Cleanroom doors have to be carefully chosen because they act as the barrier between clean and contaminated air. Without the proper precautions, too many contaminants could potentially enter a clean environment, a problem that could prove extremely costly.

While swinging or sliding cleanroom doors have been the common choice in the past, high-speed doors have typically been overlooked for two reasons. 

For one, high-speed doors have not been known to meet cleanroom standards. The second reason follows from the first – now that there are compliant high-speed doors, not as many people are aware that they are a viable and, in many ways, preferable option. We will be specifically referring to Albany and Dynaco brand high-speed doors that we sell, which are the only tested ISO 6 (and ISO 5) doors on the market. Below are 5 reasons why high-speed cleanroom doors are superior to swinging or sliding doors.

High-Speed Cleanroom Doors Are Faster

What does speed have to do with keeping contaminants low? 

If a cleanroom door can open and close faster than other doors, it has the clear advantage of reducing the amount of time that the door lingers open. High-speed doors such as the Dynaco D-313 Cleanroom Door have operation speeds of up to 120” per second opening and 24” per second closing, meaning the door provides maximum containment and separation, reducing the loss of conditioned air, and saving you money.



High-Speed Cleanroom Doors Are Safer

Since the Dynaco D-313’s door is a soft PVC curtain, it lacks rigid metal components that could potentially lead to injury. It comes with a wireless reversing edge complete with a built-in infrared sensor grid that immediately reacts when any object or person enters it, keeping your employees and your products safe. This particular high-speed door is not only safer but also has code compliance for life safety that other doors don’t.

High-Speed Cleanroom Doors Create an Air-Tight Seal

As mentioned above, the door is the one potential spot where contaminants might breach, so having an excellently designed set of seals is critical to keeping cleanrooms clean. The Dynaco D-313 cleanroom door is expertly designed with special, patented seal technology. The side guides on either side of the door are a combination of composite construction and galvanized or stainless steel while the inner side guides are extruded, low friction ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that molds around the curtain bead.

High-Speed Cleanroom Doors Keep Pressure Levels Stable

The flexible PVC door curtain is designed to resist pressure differences. Whether your cleanrooms are under or overpressure, the curtain is able to accommodate and maintain that constant pressure.

This also makes high-speed cleanroom doors great to build airlocks, or a series of airlocks, depending on what your facility needs.

High-Speed Cleanroom Doors Are Compliant

Most companies with clean facilities also have entire teams dedicated to compliance, and with good reason, given that different agencies will regularly conduct compliance audits. To avoid constant modifications to existing doors (or getting fined), you could instead start with a freshly-installed high-speed door that is designed to meet the following standards:

  • FDA
  • cGMP
  • ISO-6

Still Unsure if High-Speed Doors are Better For Your Cleanroom?

We’ve covered a lot of the benefits of high-speed doors but there are a few more that might interest you:

  • They can easily be installed in tight spaces and don’t require nearly the amount of room that outward-opening doors would occupy while in operation
  • The smooth surface of the door is easy to clean
  • This surface also prevents the possibility of particle buildup of any kind
  • Dynaco also offers a code-compliant egress system to accompany its high-speed doors. This system allows for manual egress and is hazard-free, does not require training to operate, and is easy enough for a child to use in an emergency.

Looking to learn more about how high-speed doors can save you money? Download our free guide today: 6 Money-Saving Reasons to Use a High-Speed Door.

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