How Much Does A High-speed Overhead Door Cost?
Ready to replace your overhead door? You basically have two options: get another old-school roll-up door, or invest in an energy-saving high-speed door. 

Industrial high-speed doors are the superior choice because they instantly: 

  • Boost productivity – the door can open/close in 1-2 seconds
  • Improve profitability – by slashing thousands of dollars from your energy bills
  • Minimize downtime – the door is self-healing and is always operational

But high-speed roll up doors cost a lot more than traditional doors. Or do they?

A high-speed overhead door typically pays for itself in 24-36 months. ROI can be achieved in as little as 18 months for high-utilization operations like food processing, cold storage, and pharmaceutical applications.

If you’re skeptical about the numbers above, consider this: a high-speed door is closed 757 more hours per year than a conventional roll-up door. How much time does it take for your current overhead door to open and close? High-speed roll-up doors open and close in 1-2 seconds which keeps your climate-controlled air (and profits) from floating out the door.

High-Speed Commercial Roll Up Doors: Options and Pricing

The cost of a new high-speed overhead door depends on the application and type of door. Below are a few of the most popular industrial roll-up doors we sell to customers in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno and California’s Central Coast. 

PLEASE NOTE: the prices listed are ballpark estimates. The final cost depends upon the door size and scope of work. Keep in mind: there are two government-sponsored rebates available that can reduce the purchase price.

High-Speed Door for Cleanrooms, Food and Healthcare


The Composite Rapid Roll 400 overhead door is popular with industries that require high sanitation (cleanrooms, food, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications).  The video above shows you the door’s many benefits. Here are a few highlights:

  • Open guides made from composite material eliminate worries about corrosion and there’s nowhere for bacteria or dust to hide
  • Touchless activation, open the door by waving your hand
  • Through-bean sensors prevent collisions
  • Washdown mode makes cleaning easy; simply push a button to expose the entire curtain
  • Opening speeds up to 48”/second and closing speeds up to 24”/second
  • The door is self-healing. Push a button, and the door will auto re-feed
  • USDA curtains and FDA-graded curtains available

Installed price: about $20,000.00

High-Speed Interior Door With Custom Curtain 

The Rapid Roll 200 high-speed door is popular with retail customers because the curtain can be custom printed. Opening speeds up to 80”/second and closing speeds up to 24”/second keep products clean and secure. The door is self-repairing, and wireless reversing sensors immediately reopen the door if a person or object is detected in the opening.

Installed price: $25,000.00

Industrial High-Speed Cooler Door/Freezer Door

Insulated high-speed doors dramatically lower costs for cold storage and freezer applications and have the fastest ROI of any application. An industrial high-speed cooler door/freezer door can easily pay for itself within 18 months.

  • The RR300 Chill opens at 120” per second, making it one of the fastest industrial doors on the market. It’s ideal for high-traffic cold storage applications with temperatures above 32° F.
  • The RR300 Freeze features double weather seals for superior temperature control. It’s perfect for dual-climate areas with temperatures below -20° F. 

Installed price: about $26,000.00

UltraFast Warehouse and Loading Dock Doors

UltraFast overhead doors seal out pests and contaminants and allow your climate control to work more efficiently. Opening speeds up to 60”/second and closing speeds up to 24”/second plus a double weather seal make this door popular with high traffic exterior applications like production, manufacturing and food distribution.

Installed price: $27,000.00

Overhead Doors for High-Pressure Environments 

These high-speed industrial roll-up doors are designed for medium to heavy-duty applications and moderate to high-pressure environments. The HS8020P can withstand class 5 wind loads and wind speeds up to 110 mph. Opening speeds for these commercial roll-up doors can be up to up to 96” per second.

Installed price: about $29,000.00

High-Speed Commercial Garage Doors

The Rapid Roll 3000 high-speed aluminum garage door delivers a major “wow” factor for automotive dealerships. Opening speeds up to 80”/second and closing speeds up to 24”/second keep the service area clean and cool, which can also improve mechanic retention. The door is hinge-less, roller-less, and uses no ball bearings for easy maintenance and improved safety.

Installed price:$32,000.00

Rapid Roll 1500 Tough Door

Extra thick, ultra-strong and backed with a lifetime warranty, the RR1500 can withstand the harshest conditions of any application or industry. This rugged rubber door reduces energy costs and weather-related downtime.

Installed price: $40,000.00

Buy a High-Speed Overhead Door in the Bay Area and Northern California

No matter which high-speed door you choose, you’ll start saving money from day one. You’ll also enjoy:

  • A cleaner work environment – high-speed doors are closed 757 more hours per year compared to a conventional roll-up door. That’s more than a month of extra protection against dust, debris, insects and rodents.
  • Fewer incidents – sensors open and close the door for touch-free operation. A soft bottom bar protects workers, equipment and products. There are no chains, tracks or pinch points that can injure maintenance personnel.
  • A “wow” factor for clients – it’s fun to see a high-speed door in action. Make a positive impression with your customers, vendors and visitors.

If you’re still unsure whether buying a high-speed overhead door is worth it, download our free guide: 6 Money-Saving Reasons to Use a High-Speed Door.

Short on time? Here are a few things to consider:

  • If your loading dock or cleanroom door opens/closes more than 55 times per day, a high-speed door will cut thousands of dollars from your energy bills within the first year.
  • The high-speed roll-up doors we sell (Albany Doors) come with a 5-year, 1 million cycle warranty and they’re known to last 10 years or more.
  • There are currently two rebates available to businesses in California. We’ll help you apply. Contact us for details.

High-speed doors are smart, simple to use, and easy to keep clean. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See a high-speed door in action at our East Bay demo center, or schedule an online demo. Schedule your high-speed door demo online or by phone.

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