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How To Improve electric Forklift battery LifeThere’s no denying the popularity of electric forklifts.  Compared to a diesel or LPG forklift, electric lift trucks:
 – Can cost less to maintain 
– Take up less space (no need to store tanks of propane or diesel)
– Have a smaller carbon footprint
– Are less noisy

However, proper maintenance is key to maximize the efficiency of an electric forklift. In this post, we’ll review forklift battery options (lead acid versus lithium ion), battery charging options, and other ways to improve forklift efficiency.

Lead Acid vs. Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery – Which is Better?

The short answer to this question is: the sales rep who sells the forklift should be able to advise you on which battery and charger set-up is best for your operation. Sometimes a good old lead acid battery for counterbalance ballast is all a customer needs. Others require the clean, fast-charging properties only lithium-ion can deliver. Learn more about what to expect when you switch from lead-acid to lithium-ion forklift batteries.

Choose the Right Charger for Your Application

There are three different options for forklift battery charging:
– Fast charge
– Opportunity charge
– Conventional charge

Different applications call for different forklift battery charging options. To ensure you’re using the right charging option for your operation, please consult your local rep.

Test the Battery Periodically

Have your forklift’s battery professionally tested periodically, especially if it shows symptoms of weakness. This will help to avoid premature electrical component failure.

Are replacement forklift batteries expensive? Yes. But the repair bill for damage done to your forklift by continued use of a bad battery will be much higher.

Other Ways to Improve Forklift Efficiency

Inspect tires regularly – Changing tires regularly is an inexpensive way to keep your forklift (and its operator) in good condition. Learn more about inspecting forklift tires and when to replace them.

Fleet management software – Managing a forklift fleet often means answering tough questions with limited information. Questions such as:
– Why do some areas of the facility require more forklifts and more overtime?
– How can we decrease downtime?

A Vehicle Management System (VMS) takes the guesswork out of managing fleet costs. Learn more about how to use data to make smart operational decisions

If you’re interested in purchasing a new electric forklift or have questions about how to improve the efficiency of your electric forklift fleet, please give us a call or email. Our friendly and experienced staff are committed to helping you grow your business. 

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