Finding The Best Forklift Technician

Finding the Best Forklift Technician

Finding The Best Forklift TechnicianHere are a few questions that come up on a regular basis that you may want to ask yourself:

  1. What type of training has he been through?  Is it current?
  2. Does he have the correct diagnostic tools to properly troubleshoot the issue?
  3. What type of technical support does he have locally?  
  4. How about from the manufacturer?
  5. Is he properly insured?

So many times we think we are saving money by going with a vendor that has lower labor rate. Is it really costing you less in the long run Improper diagnostics, needless second trips, or even third trips really ad up fast. So much for the few dollars less per hour!

Our technicians are fully trained and we continue to invest in them all of the time. They are supported locally by our in-house training staff, along with full factory support, not just from Toyota, but with all of the brands we sell and support.  We have all of the latest diagnostic equipment available, and yes, we are fully insured!


Jim Hodson

Aftermarket Support Manager

Toyota Material Handling Northern California