Review: Konecranes High-capacity Forklifts

Review: Konecranes High-Capacity Forklifts

Review: Konecranes High-capacity Forklifts
Product Name: 
Large Capacity Forklift
Manufacturer: Konecranes
Lift Capacity: 22,000 lbs or more
Interesting features: Truconnect & Load Sensing Hydraulics
Price Range:
 $150,000+, but the price varies depending on the capacity and style of forklift (reach stacker, empty container handler, etc.).
Value for the money:
Excellent – low overall cost of ownership
Optional Equipment:  
Konecranes lift trucks come with many great standard features. Available  factory add-ons include:
– FWD/REV Cameras,
– Electric Tilt Cab
– Central Automatic Greasing System, etc.

Konecranes in-house engineers can customize any lift truck to meet a customer’s specific needs  – above and beyond the standard and factory add-on options.

Best for:  Any operation which requires a 22,000lb or higher capacity forklift.  

Recommended Applications: Heavy-duty Konecranes are built for industrial material handling including

  • Steel, aluminum, and mining
  • Wood and building materials
  • Container ports and terminals
  • Transport, shipping, and logistics
  • Shipyards and marinas
  • Pulp and paper
  • Concrete, bricks, and rock
  • Automotive
  • General manufacturing
  • Produce
  • Oil and gas
  • Wind power
  • Nuclear
  • Waste-to-energy

Not recommended for: Small lift truck applications

Konecranes Lift Trucks

One of the most interesting features on a Konecranes lift truck is their TRUCONNECT® technology.  It helps fleet managers improve productivity significantly and make informed decisions based on facts.

Truconnect provides customers with real-time hour meter reading and email notifications to ensure timely scheduled maintenance.  It helps avoid costly over-servicing of the lift and, on the flip side,  under-servicing which can lead to costly repairs and downtime. 

Truconnect  also helps fleet managers improve efficiency and accountability by reporting on:

  • Fuel consumption peaks and averages
  • When lift trucks are idling, off-duty or taking unnecessarily long routes


Konecranes Forklifts for the Produce Industry

We began selling Konecranes in Salinas a few years back to support the produce industry with a reliable and high-quality forklift. Customers wanted a lift truck to retrieve produce from the field trucks, load it into the cooling tubes, and get the cooled produce into the facility for production. All of which occurs under the harsh condition of a 24/7 operation. The Konecranes forklift has not only exceeded our expectations as a company but it has continued to exceed our customers’ expectations, providing them with a reliable forklift they can count on for their operation.

Other reasons to choose Konecranes:

  • Konecranes makes a high-quality forklift with rugged chassis that offers prolonged longevity for all applications and operating environments.
  • Certified low-emission diesel engines provide extra high torque at low revs, reduced fuel consumption, and low noise levels.
  • The ‘Optima’ fully-enclosed cab is designed around ergonomics for optimal operator comfort and remarkable visibility with large, lowered windows and no corner posts.
  • Up-time is a key focus at Konecranes; they have the largest service organization in the world. A global and local network of maintenance professionals ensure Konecranes have optimal up-time with 24/7 spare parts supply from distribution centers worldwide.
  • Lower overall cost of ownership through features such as Load Sensing Hydraulics which provides maximum power only when needed which results in overall lower fuel cost. Konecranes forklifts also have maintenance-free brakes.
  • Higher hour service maintenance intervals compared to industry averages provide customers with reduced annual maintenance cost.

If you’re in northern or central California and looking for a rugged, dependable, high-capacity forklift, consider Konecranes. Contact us online or by phone for more info.

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Fresno (559) 834-9500
Sacramento (916) 376-0500
Salinas (831) 757-1091 

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