Movember Maintenance Tips For Man And Machine

November, also known as “Movember” in homage to the moustache, is all about men’s health. Too many of us take better care of our vehicles than our own bodies. The same guys who’d never miss an oil change haven’t had their cholesterol checked in years.

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than half of cancer deaths could be prevented through healthy choices and regular screenings. Your body is the most important piece of machinery you’ll ever own. So in honor of Movember, we’re going to take a quick look at maintenance tips for both man and machine.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Forklift maintenance is designed to: 

  • Increase the lifetime of the equipment
  • Decrease downtime
  • Streamline operational costs
  • Keep the operator safe from injury 

For the human machine, you can decrease downtime and avoid expensive operational costs (like medical bills) by:

  • Cutting back on processed foods
  • Exercising more
  • Getting enough sleep (7-9 hours/night)
  • Not smoking
  • Drinking in moderation (no more than 2 drinks/day)
  • Managing stress
  • Visiting your healthcare provider regularly

All of the above are important for good health and preventing serious illness like cancer and heart disease. And just like the equipment in your warehouse, your body functions best when you commit to maintaining it.

Create a Maintenance Plan

Exercise is a great way to manage stress. Challenge your buddies to a game of basketball or soccer once a week, or ride your bike to work. If you don’t workout currently, start by exercising once a week and see how you feel. You’ll know when you’re ready to do more.

Being active is essential for good health, but a fit physique is 80% what you eat. Processed foods are bad for the inner-workings of your body and a huge factor in obesity. If you want to live a long, healthy life, you can’t treat it like a trash can. You wouldn’t put cheap tires on your car, don’t put cheap calories in your body.

Can you eat a green vegetable once a day? Answer: yes. Throughout history, men have endured much worse. Choose spinach, peas, broccoli or kale for optimal performance. Don’t mess around with lackluster lettuce. Carrots and tomatoes are also a good choice.

In general, aim for a whole food diet. In other words, the food you eat  should look the same on your plate as it did in the wild.

It’s also important to avoid beverages that contain a lot of sugar: soda, sports drinks, and fruit drinks. Try cutting back on sugary beverages a little at a time and drink water instead.

Regular Check-Ups Prevent Costly Repair Bills and Downtime

Avoid high repair bills and downtime by scheduling check-ups. The type and frequency of service depend on the age, fleet size and environment in which the equipment operates. Total Industries can advise you about the best planned-maintenance program for your fleet. 

As for your personal “equipment”: age, fleet and environment are also factors. Older lifts, or ones that work in extreme hot or cold need more attention. The same goes for guys. Your age and family history will determine the type of exams you need and how often.

The best thing to do at any age is get an annual physical. This allows you to track key health numbers like:

  • Body Mass Index/Weight
  • Waistline
  • Blood pressure
  • HDL Cholesterol (healthy cholesterol)
  • LDL Cholesterol (unhealthy cholesterol)
  • Blood glucose (sugar)

Keeping these numbers in a healthy range lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many types of cancer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Your health and well-being is important not only to us, but your family fleet as well. We hope you’ll participate in Movember by taking steps to improve your health, and that of the guys you work with.

For more information on Movember, check out this article from the Today show of 18 Men’s Health Tips. Help us raise money to support men’s health by visiting our fundraising page and making a donation.

See your doctor for specific health concerns. But for questions about how often to schedule maintenance for your forklift, or want to know more about the cost-saving benefits of planned maintenance, we hope you’ll give us a call.