Narrow Aisle Warehouse EquipmentNarrow Aisles and Very Narrow Aisles enable a warehouse or distribution center to maximize space, but can also make material handling a challenge. Most forklifts are too large to turn and stack a load in a narrow aisle – but what’s the alternative? An expensive and financially risky building expansion?

As an increasing number of warehouses and distribution centers opt for narrow aisles, Toyota developed new solutions – even for very narrow aisles only 5-7 feet wide.

Narrow Aisle Definition:

Typical aisles: 10.5 feet wide or more (126 inches +)
Narrow aisles: 8.5’ – 10.5 feet wide (102-126 inches)
Very narrow aisles: 5-7 feet wide (60-84 inches)

In this article, we’ll review a variety of reach trucks, order pickers and forklifts and which equipment is best for narrow aisles versus very narrow aisles. If you’re not ready to invest in new equipment, learn how to calculate the minimum aisle widths needed to still use your current forklift fleet (or call us, we’re happy to come by and help with an assessment).

Narrow Aisle Warehouse Solutions

Narrow aisle warehouse equipment comes in three basic flavors:
Order Pickers to pick orders from higher racks.Narrow Aisle Warehouse Equipment
Pallet Jacks and End-control Riders to pick from floor level and efficiently move materials horizontally.
Reach trucks used to stack in narrow aisle environments.

Toyota’s Acculaser option projects a laser line even with the forktips so the operator can easily see if the forks are correctly lined up to the pallet opening. This technology prevents product damage and improves operator efficiency.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

In addition to order pickers and reach trucks, Toyota makes a “dock-to-stock” Stand-up Rider Forklift which can operate in narrow aisles, reach a lifting height of more than 23 feet and maneuver in and out of a delivery truck.

Narrow Aisle Warehouse EquipmentToyota’s new 3-Wheel Electric Forklift can operate in narrow aisles, has a 23 foot lift height and can handle up to 4000 lbs. Some of our customers utilize this multi-function lift truck as the primary forklift for their business.

Narrow Aisle Equipment By Aisle Width

10-12 Foot Aisles
3-Wheel Electric forklift
Stand-Up Rider forklift  
Core Electric Cushion Tire forklift 

Narrow 9-11 Foot Aisles
Counter-Balanced Stacker  
End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack

Narrow 7-8 Foot Aisles
Reach Truck 
Walkie Reach (Combi) Stacker
Walkie Stacker (2,000-2,500 lb. capacity, up to 12′ lift height)Narrow Aisle Warehouse Equipment
Industrial Walkie Stacker (up to 4,000 lb.  capacity, 12′ lift heights)

Very Narrow 4-5 Foot Aisles
6-Series Order Picker
7-Series Order Picker
Walkie Pallet Jack 
Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle


Let us know how we can assist with narrow aisle solutions for your business. Total Industries has 75 years experience and five locations spread throughout northern and central California including the East Bay, Sacramento, Salinas, and Fresno. 

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