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Nilfisk Autonomous Floor Scrubber Is The Future Of Floor CleaningThe new Nilfisk SC50 is the first OSHA-approved autonomous floor scrubber. It’s easy-to-use, runs for six hours on a single charge, and (unlike other autonomous cleaning machines) it doesn’t require a technician or engineer to set it up.

Imagine how much more your staff could accomplish if they didn’t have to manually guide a scrubber across the floor. With an autonomous scrubber-dryer, the operator can complete tasks that require human skills and dexterity, while the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 does the rest. The machine can even send the operator a text when it’s done – minimizing downtime.

Nilfisk Robotic Scrubber Now Available in The Bay Area and Central California

Safety-certified, fully autonomous, and simple to use, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 offers unmatched productivity gains. While the machines takes care of the floors, your staff member can be cleaning windows or wiping down door handles. You’ll save money on labor costs and get cleaner floors.

The Nilfisk Liberty is meticulous. It gets into corners and in-between spaces operators might otherwise miss – and it does it every single time. On average, operators – and most autonomous cleaning machines – miss 15 percent of the cleaning area. Nilfisk’s unique technology is so precise, it provides 98% – 99.5% coverage.

If your operation requires clean, hygienic floors and pretty good isn’t good enough, you can count on the Nilfisk SC50 to deliver sparkling floors day after day. Plus, it helps protect your operation against labor shortages. The SC50 autonomous floor scrubber is ideal for:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Distribution Centers
  • Facility Management
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitals/ Healthcare Facilities ( SC50 is EMC Certified)

Getting started with the SC50 is easy. You don’t need a technician, an engineer, or anyone besides someone who knows the area that needs to be cleaned.

Choose either CopyCat™ or Fill-In mode. Once the path is set, the SC50 will precisely retrace the same path again, and again, and again.

  • CopyCat mode – An operator guides the machine along the preferred cleaning path. The SC50 will remember where it went and follow the designated pattern from then on.
  • Fill-in mode – If you have an open space, simply trace the perimeter and the SC50 chooses the most efficient path to clean the designated area. Your floors get clean without any further assistance.
  • Manual mode gives the operator complete control over movement and cleaning for ad hoc tasks. In other words, the SC50 can also be used by an operator like a “normal” scrubber dryer.

The Intelligent Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Nilfisk’s SC50 maneuvers around people and obstructions in real-time, making it safe to use even in congested areas. One of the first customers to use the SC50 was a high school in Minneapolis.

Custodian Nick Reuttimann compared Nilfisk’s robotic scrubber to a  “Roomba on steroids.”

The Director of Building Operations said the machine was, “like having another person,” and estimates it doubled the productivity of their custodian.


For a free demo, contact us online or by phone. During COVD-19 restrictions, demos will be conducted via Zoom video conference. We also have a free buyer’s guide to industrial floor cleaning equipment.

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