4 Ways to Protect Your Pallet Racking

4 Ways To Protect Your Pallet Racking

Pallet rack uprights and beams are in constant danger of impact from forklifts and other material handling equipment. Even if product isn’t damaged during a collision, bent rack is an accident waiting to happen. Pallet racking protectors can easily pay for themselves by absorbing the brunt of an impact.

How to Protect Your Pallet Racking

Guard Rails and End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors4 Ways To Protect Your Pallet Racking

Steel guard rails come in a variety of sizes and create a strong, highly-visible barrier around your pallet racks. Warehouse guard rails bolt to the floor and are basically the same as what you’d use cordon off an office or protect a production line.

End-of-aisle frame guards are are another option to protect your pallet racking. They only stick up about 5” off the ground, but are painted caution yellow so they’re hard to miss. The advantage to floor-mounted guards is that they wrap around the entire racking frame and protect the front column.

Upright Frame Protectors
Floor-mounted, freestanding frame/post protectors are an economical, popular choice. Each frame protector is bolted to the floor in front the rack frame and creates a barrier between the forklift (or other object) and the base plate and lower leg.

Would you rather replace one of these than an entire upright?  Since these type of protectors aren’t attached to the rack, they work well when a floor-level beam is in use.

Strap and snap-on and frame protectors are an alternative to upright protectors. Rather than being bolted to the floor, strap-on and snap-on guards attach directly to the frame and absorb the shock of an impact like a shin guard.

While not as strong as upright steel protectors, there are advantages to snap-on racking guards including:
– Less damage to the floor in the event of a serious impact
– Easier to install
– Can be stacked vertically to an unlimited height

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