Review: Polaris GEM  Golf Cart

Review: Polaris Gem  Golf Cart

Product Name: Polaris GEM eL XD
Manufacturer: GEM by Polaris
Interesting Features:  Can be made street legal up to 25MPH
Price Range: $12,999-$34,999 (depends on options)  
Value for the money:  
Recommended for:  Any application with large distances to cover – the bigger the better. This vehicle is popular with universities, airports, large warehousing, and corporate campuses that cover multiple city blocks. It’s also good for maintenance departments, or general contractors in major cities. The eL XD also works great in state parks because it performs well in cold or warm weather.

The GEM eL XD can be operated on many streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. But be sure to check local laws regarding street use and vehicle equipment requirements. 

Key Features and Options:

Rubber or carpet floor mats
Windshield washer
In-windshield defrost
70″ x 48″ flatbed
Lighting : LED headlights, Beacon light, Light bar
Rear window
Front or rear bumper 
Optional rugged rear bumper with 1 ¼ in. (3.2 cm) receiver
Rear carrier options
Level 1 or Level 2 J1772 Charger 
Steering options include: tilt steering, right-hand drive steering, electronic power steering

Polaris GEM eL XD Pros & Cons

Pros: The GEM el XD is a light-utility workhorse ideal for large operations making the switch to “green.” The vehicle is extremely sturdy with a recently improved suspension. The el XD has a generous ground clearance and 1,415 lb payload capacity.  With the familiarity of a car and a top speed of 25 mph, this vehicle can be outfitted to drive on city streets (always check local regulations).

Polaris GEM vehicles are also eligible for alternative-fuel vehicle funding programs such as the San Joaquin Valley Air Grant. Applications are currently being accepted with maximum funding of $20,000 per vehicle, $100,000 per agency per year.

Cons: The GEM eL XD doesn’t turn very well in tight areas, and is not the most economical choice for small locations. Taylor-Dunn’s C-432 is a better choice. It has the shortest turning radius available in a sit-down combination burden carrier/tow tractor.  With a 28” wheel base, the C-432 can maneuver into corners other powered trucks simply cannot reach – indoor or outdoor.

Hands-on with the GEM el XD: The eL XD is easy to drive, feels like a car and is very comfortable with plenty of shoulder and leg room.

What Alternatives Are Available? There are not too many low speed vehicles on the market. A few ranging between Star, Modec, Flybo, Dynasty Electric Car, and American electric vehicle. However, none compare or even come close to durability and ride ever since Polaris industries took over the GEM line in 2011.

Summary: the eL XD is sustainable and smart. It’s easy to drive and a comfortable ride with plenty of shoulder and leg room. Learn more about why the eL XD is a best-seller in Northern California and why Total Industries is the #1 Polaris dealer in the US.

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