Why the Polaris PRO XD is the Most Reliable Work UTV

Why The Polaris Pro Xd Is The Most Reliable Work Utv
You can now buy, lease or rent  the Polaris PRO XD from Total Industries in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno or Salinas. These new vehicles set the standard for durability, productivity and safety in work UTVs,

The New Standard for Work UTVs

The PRO XD is Polaris’ first commercial vehicle designed from the ground up for long, tough days and rugged work environments including:

  • Construction job sites
  • Farms
  • Landscaping
  • Military applications
  • Property maintenance
  • Campus security

Why The Polaris Pro Xd Is The Most Reliable Work UtvDesigned with the work and the worker in mind
The PRO XD comes with a fully-sealed cab for dust and weather protection and some of the widest foot wells in its class. Kevlar vinyl seats resist punctures and tears, and the composite bed prevents rust and dents.

Get more done with the Polaris PRO XD
The PRO XD comes with non-directional 26-inch utility tires designed for hardpack job sites with industry-leading puncture-resistance. The box is large enough to carry a full-size pallet and up to a 1900 lb payload. The PRO XD’s towing capacity is 2,500 lbs.

More power, less downtime

  • The 24-horsepower Kubota diesel engine requires infrequent maintenance (intervals are every 200 hours)
  • Heavy-duty driveline components are designed for increased resistance to corrosive elements
  • Easily access the dipstick and air filter without raising the bed
  • Numerous fault sensors alert you to issues before they require a technician

Safety is Job #1
Every PRO XD comes standard with a backup alarm, horn and mechanical parking brake. Orange seatbelts and decals heighten visibility.

The PRO XD can travel up to 26 mph. Or, speed can be limited to 15 mph for job site compliance.

Customize to meet your needs
Customize your Polaris PRO XD to meet your needs, or improve comfort. Add a winch, chainsaw press, work light, heater, or one of 50 other accessories.

Polaris designed the PRO XD to be a durable, reliable vehicle you can count on. It comes in three different models:

Polaris PRO XD™ 2000D 2WD 
Two-wheel drive, starting at $14,599.

Polaris PRO XD™ 2000D AWD 
Two passenger all-wheel drive, starting at $16,099.

Polaris PRO XD™ 4000D AWD 
Four passenger all-wheel drive, starting at $17,749.

For questions about Polaris or other utility vehicles,  contact us online or by phone. You can also check our inventory of new and used Taylor-Dunn and Polaris vehicles online.

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