Review: Combilift Cb Multi-directional Forklift

Review: Combilift CB Multi-Directional Forklift

Review: Combilift Cb Multi-directional Forklift

Product Name:  CombiLift CB Multi-directional Forklift
Manufacturer: CombiLift 
Lift Capacity:  5,500 – 17,500lbs
Notable feature(s): multi-directional operation, ability to carry and side-shift multiple pallets side by side
Price Range: $60k-$200k
Value for the money: Excellent
Electric & LP models available

Best for:  indoor or outdoor applications. These compact lifts are ideal for moving long and awkward loads in tight spaces.  They work well in the lumber, steel, aluminum and building product industries as well as general warehousing.

Combilift Pros and Cons

Pros: Excellent for moving long loads sideways through narrow aisles or door openings.  Highly-customizable – providing flexibility for the most demanding application.

Cons: The initial investment can be expensive, however, these lift trucks can increase productivity dramatically and eliminate product and facility damage – giving you a positive return on your investment.

Hands-on with the Combilift CB: We have numerous customers in the solar and steel fabrication industries that were having issues with moving long loads into and around their facilities.  They found that the Combilift CB models worked extremely well for unloading trailers, transporting products through narrow doorways (sideways) and navigating narrow aisles within the facility with ease.

What alternatives are available? Raymond makes a multi-directional lift called the Fiddler.  It can also travel in all four directions,  but it has a very low ground clearance and is only recommended for indoor use.

Summary: Combilift is recognized as the global leader in long load handling and can be found in 75 countries worldwide.  Its versatility eliminates the need for multiple lifts, increasing storage space while improving overall efficiency.

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Combilift is an Irish company.  If you’d like to see them having a little fun with their machines, check out this video of a Comblift “dance.”

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