Product Review: E-z Reach Portable Tilter

Product Review: E-Z Reach Portable Tilter

Product Review: E-z Reach Portable Tilter

Product Name: E-Z Reach Portable Tilter
Manufacturer: Southworth  
Interesting Features:
– Eliminates bending and reaching into containers,
– Can be used to pick up staged containers and move them to a work cell
– 2000 and 4000 Lb. capacity
Price Range: $3,700 – $5,995
Value for the money: Excellent
Recommended for: Indoor Applications, Food Processing, Machine shops, Manufacturing Warehouses


Southworth E-Z Reach Portable Tilter Pros & Cons

Pros: Baskets or containers can tilt up to 85 degrees to allow for easy access 
Cons: Indoor use only due to caster wheels

What customers have to say: 
A local lettuce processing plant made big improvements in productivity and safety after purchasing two units. The employees using the EZ Reach Tilter have less back pain from reaching and bending into the containers. The line supervisor tells us productivity has increased by 15%.

Product Review Summary:
Southworth E-Z Reach Portable Tilters improve productivity and reduce employee strain by allowing easy access to parts.  The E-Z Reach Portable Container Tilters tilt up to 85 degrees, are available in 2,000 and 4,000-pound capacities and feature 12 Volt DC power and a built-in charger (AC power is available). Casters allow the unit to be moved to the work cell, but restrict this product to indoor use only.

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