Invest In Lower Energy Bills, Not Roll Up Door RepairsHow much money have you spent repairing your overhead door in the last five years? 

If you owned a high-speed roll up door, your answer would likely be “zero.” They don’t break down, they don’t damage equipment and they don’t injure employees.

High-speed doors are self-repairing and backed by a 5-year, one million cycle warranty. Not only that, a high-speed door quickly pays for itself through reduced energy bills.

Right now, there are two incentives that make buying a new roll up door more affordable than ever. Contact us for details, or read on to learn more about the many benefits of swapping your old, unreliable door for a fast new one.

Stop Wasting Money on Roll Up Door Repairs

When compared to self-repairing high-speed doors, old-school overhead doors are insanely expensive to own. They’re slow, they break down, and they’re a hazard to equipment and employees.

Industrial high-speed doors are always operational. There’s no downtime, no pinch points and they’re lightning-fast.

Commercial garage doors leak money. Every time your loading dock, clean room or freezer door is open, climate-controlled air flows out and debris flows in. 

Consider this: a high-speed door is closed 757 more hours per year vs. a conventional roll up door. That’s more than a month’s worth of energy savings and protection against dust, vermin and other undesirable things.

If your overhead door opens more than 55 times per day, a high-speed door can cut thousands of dollars from your energy bill. 

  • For most companies, a high-speed door pays for itself within 24-36 months.
  • High-utilization operations like food processing, cold storage, and pharmaceutical applications achieve ROI within 18 months.

Don’t Miss Out!
Businesses in California who buy a high-speed door can take advantage of TWO cost-saving incentives right now. We’ll help you apply. Contact us for details.


Invest in a Safer, Cleaner, More Productive Work Environment

Stop wasting your hard-earned profits repairing an unreliable door. A high-speed door can last 10+ years with minimal maintenance and will quickly pay for itself in lower energy bills. High-speed roll up doors also make your workplace cleaner and safer, whether you have a cleanroom, distribution center, service bays or warehouse. 

We sell the most popular types of roll-up doors in California including:

  • Loading dock doors
  • Insulated roll up doors for freezers and cold storage
  • High-speed doors for cleanrooms 
  • Garage doors for car dealerships 


You’ll never forget the first time you see a high-speed door in action. Contact us for a free online demo, or visit our Livermore location to see one in person.

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