Service Contracts For Your Forklift, Pallet Jack Or Scissor Lift

Service agreements, also known as planned maintenance (PM) contracts are designed to:

  • Increase the life of equipment / maximize trade-in value
  • Decrease downtime and avoid unexpected repair costs
  • Streamline and set monthly operational expenses
  • Keep the operator and products safe from injury and damage
  • Maintain OSHA compliance

The cost of a maintenance plan for your forklift, sweeper-scrubber, aerial lift or pallet jack depends on how many hours the equipment operates each quarter. Over time, service plans can easily pay for themselves

At Total Industries we offer three full maintenance plans to accommodate all fleets and budgets. These plans include the needed services and parts and labor for repairs on normal wear and tear items. The silver and platinum are more inclusive to help take the customer out of the forklift repair business.

Guide to Forklift Maintenance Agreements

Read on for an overview of each plan (bronze, silver, platinum). For additional details, or for pricing, please contact us.  Plan cost is predicated on hours of usage per year.

All service contracts include:

  • Comprehensive inspections and factory interval servicing at 250, 1000 and 2,000 hours
  • Back-up paperwork on all repairs and maintenance
  • Repairs completed at your facility when possible
  • All repairs and maintenance completed by a certified technician
  • Guaranteed rate for 36 months or more (see individual plan details below)

Total Industries Bronze Maintenance Plan

– Includes all items above plus annual services
– Guaranteed rate for up to 60 months
– Best for applications up to 2,000 hours per year

Total Industries Silver Maintenance Program

– Breakdown service calls on normal wear and tear items
– Loaner equipment if Lift is inoperable for more than 48 business hours
– Guaranteed rate for up to 72 months


Total Industries Platinum Maintenance Program

– All parts and labor for repairs
– All breakdown and service calls (during normal business hours)
– Tires, Load Wheels and Bearings (one set per year)
– Unlimited Hours (no usage limitations)
– Abuse / Misuse charges covered up to $500 (per occurrence)
– Loaner equipment if Lift is inoperable for more than 48 business hours
– Guaranteed rate for up to 36 months

Electric Pallet Jack Service

– We offer a flat rate price plus parts per service with no travel time charged.
– The rate for one or two units is $80 per service, for three to six units it’s $75, and for seven or more units we charge $70 per service.
– The interval depends on useage and is due at 250 hours. This could be a 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 day interval.

Additional details:

  • Pricing is predicated on hours of usage per quarter. 
  • Maintenance plans do not include add-on accessories or parts (i.e. light kits, RF mounts, etc.) or service calls where no problem is found, change out of attachments, warning devices such as headlights strobes or backup alarms, industrial batteries or chargers.
  • Overtime charges apply for night and weekend field calls.

Thinking about Leasing Equipment?

Any full maintenance plan, when combined with a TFS lease, will result in an additional 5% residual value. This means a lower monthly payment!

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