Stand-up Forklift Pros And Cons

Stand-Up Forklift Pros and Cons

Stand-up Forklift Pros And ConsStand-up forklifts (also known as stand-on and electric riders) are designed for applications where the operator must get on and off the lift truck frequently. They are more maneuverable and need less space to operate than sit-down forklifts. Read on to learn the Pros and Cons of stand-up forklifts.

Stand-Up Forklift – Pros
– Can operate in narrow aisles
– Stand up units are 6” shorter than sit-down units
– Easy on and off vs. sit-down units
– Saves time with no seat belt or need to set the parking brake
– Reduced neck strain
– Better visibility than sit-down due to sideways stance of operator

When to choose a stand-up versus sit down forklift

  • If the application calls for reverse travel at least 25% of the time
  • If the operator must frequently enter and exit the forklift to access product, build pallets, etc.
  • For narrow-aisle applications

Stand-Up Forklift – Cons
The only real con with stand-ups is the need for the operator to get comfortable with using a joystick to operate and steer the lift vs. a traditional steering wheel and hydraulic levers on a sit-down lift. Also, while studies have shown standing up causes operators to be more alert; however, some comfort may be sacrificed.

Best Applications for Stand-Up Forklifts
Stand-on forklifts were designed to improve efficiency for applications where the operator routinely gets on and off the lift truck.  This type of equipment is popular with beverage distributors (beer, wine, soda, water etc.) food distributors, grocery stores, light manufacturing and basic warehousing.

Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift
Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider is one of the most versatile forklifts in Toyota’s product line. It offers:
– Navigation in 10′ aisles
– Up to 4,000 lb. lifting capacity
– Up to 23′ lift height
More info from Toyota’s website

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