Review: Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot Electric Cart

Review: Taylor-dunn Bigfoot Electric Cart

Product Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: Taylor-Dunn
Interesting Features:  3000lb load capacity with 44” wide x 77” long rear bed, large operator’s compartment, adjustable bucket seats and steering column, AC Drive, able to tow up to 7500 lb.
Price Range: $10,000 – $18,000
Value for the money:  Excellent

Recommended for:  small and large warehousing and manufacturing, hospitals, airports, hotels/resorts, nurseries, wineries, stadiums, large campuses, school districts, colleges and universities.

The Bigfoot can be customized for each specific application (including an ambulance) and at 44” wide has the ability to access areas not accessible by full-size work trucks or vans.  Any company that needs to move people or product in a safe, efficient cost-effective manner should consider buying the Bigfoot. Speeds can be limited to 10 MPH for maximum safety in work and campus environments. 

Not recommended for:  use on rough terrain or public roads, or any application where a long run time is required. That said, if an electric motor isn’t a critical feature,  the Bigfoot comes in a gasoline-powered version that can run for 100 miles at speeds up to 18 miles per hour.

The Bigfoot is made to carry product and people on sound cement, asphalt, gravel and dirt surfaces. Turf tires are available as an option, but the Bigfoot is not made for use in rough or muddy terrain. Additionally, Bigfoot is made for industrial and commercial use and not intended for travel on public highways. 

For street legal applications, or extended run time, Total Industries recommends the Polaris GEM electric vehicle, which can be licensed for street use where the posted speed limit is 35 MPH or less. The GEM is also capable of over 100 miles of run time when using Lithium-Ion battery packs.


Key Features and Options:

Econo or Deluxe Cab for weather protection
Aluminum fold down sides or stake sides for rear deck load containment
Steel panel locking boxes on back deck to secure product and protect from weather
Ladder racks
Dump bed option

Taylor Dunn Bigfoot Electric Cart Pros & Cons


  • Quiet and Fume Free
  • Durable and Dependable
  • 3000# Load Capacity
  • 7500# Towing Capacity
  • Sharp Turning Radius
  • Can be Configured for Your Specific Application
  • Built in Anaheim since 1949
  • Excellent Service and Parts Support


  • Not for Use Where Extended Run Time is Needed
  • Bumpy Ride when Used on Rough Surfaces
  • Not Available as a Street Legal Vehicle

Hands-on with the Bigfoot: 
The Bigfoot electric utility cart is very popular for school campuses.  The Bigfoot is quiet, fume free and can drive on campus sidewalks directly up to a building without disturbing the classroom inside. Most campuses equip the Bigfoot with a cab for weather protection and often a ladder rack, making the Bigfoot a much more efficient maintenance vehicle than a pickup truck or van.

What Alternatives Are Available?
Most competitive utility carts are light-duty golf carts built with longer bodies and re-labeled as a utility cart.  Taylor-Dunn has set the industry standard for electric utility vehicles since 1949.  Very few competitors offer as many options as Taylor-Dunn for customers to customize a cart to their exact needs.

The Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot is an outstanding value.  It’s built “Taylor-Dunn Tough” in Anaheim and will provide outstanding service and dependability for many years to come.  The Bigfoot easily outperforms other electric utility vehicles and over-the-road trucks in the work environment, with it’s lower overall maintenance costs and improved worker efficiency and productivity.

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