Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL Product Review

Taylor-dunn Bigfoot Xl Product Review

Product Name:  Bigfoot XL
Manufacturer: Taylor-Dunn
Capacity:  3,000 lb load capacity, 10,000 lb tow capacity
Price Range: $15,000- $24,000
Value for the money: Excellent

Notable features: 

  • 54” Wide x 77” long deck capable of carrying wide loads & pallets
  • 17 HP AC drive motor
  • Automatic electric brake provides outstanding performance and safety
  • Large operator’s compartment with adjustable bucket seats and adjustable steering column

Best for:  With towing capacity up to 10,000 lbs, Bigfoot XL makes an excellent tow vehicle (see helicopter video below). It’s also a good choice for indoor warehouse product movement, outdoor facilities maintenance, residential communities, apartment complexes or campuses with multiple buildings to stock or maintain. 


Not recommended for: This vehicle is meant to be driven on firm, solid surfaces. It should not be used in rough terrain applications or driven on public roads.

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Bigfoot XL Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding Towing Capability (up to 10,000 lbs)
  • 17 HP AC Drive Motor with Automatic Electric Brake
  • 3000 lb. Load Capacity with Large 54” wide x 77” long Deck
  • Roomy Cab with Adjustable Seats & Adjustable Steering Column
  • Quiet and Fume Free
  • Safe, Durable and Dependable
  • Built in Anaheim since 1949
  • Excellent Service and Parts Support
  • Can be Configured and Geared for Your Specific Application
    (see passenger tram video below)

• Not street legal
• Bumpy ride when used on rough surfaces

If your operators won’t have time to recharge the vehicle, Taylor-Dunn has recently introduced 2 new gasoline-powered carts for applications that require extended run timeContact us for more information.

What Do TMH Customers Have to Say About Bigfoot XL?
The Bigfoot XL is popular with trash management and recycling companies for towing bins. Geared at 10 MPH with 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and an automatic electric brake, the Bigfoot XL is the safe way to pull heavy bins up garage ramps to street level.

Operators love the ample cab area with room for two tall and large passengers.  It also has adjustable bucket seats, adjustable steering column, cup holders, USB charging ports, and rack and pinion steering for a comfortable ride. 

List of options:

  • 10 MPH, 14 MPH and 18 MPH speed options
  • Econo or Deluxe Cab for weather protection
  • Aluminum drop-down sides or stake sides for rear deck load containment
  • Steel panel locking boxes on back deck secure product and protect it from bad weather
  • Ladder rack
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries are now offered as a standard option.

Summary:  Taylor-Dunn’s Bigfoot XL is an excellent value for the money. It has proven to be a strong, powerful and very safe vehicle that will provide a decade or more of reliable service in all types of applications.

Also, as an electric vehicle, maintenance costs should be very low over the life of the vehicle. Choosing the maintenance-free AGM batteries completely eliminates the need for operators to service the battery pack.

The 17 HP AC drive motor provides abundant power and the Bigfoot XL is equipped with all the latest safety features, including automatic electric parking brake with 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Alternatives such as electric pallet jacks & bin movers, do not offer anywhere near the towing capability or the safety features of the Bigfoot XL.

Any company that needs a safe and powerful method of towing trash and recycling bins, or has to move people, products or pallets in an efficient manner should definitely consider the Bigfoot XL.

To schedule a demo of Taylor Dunn’s Bigfoot XL, or to request a quote, contact us online. You can also reach us by phone at one of our four northern/central California locations:

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