Top 10 Posts In 2018

Top 10 Posts in 2018

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Top 10 Posts In 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, let’s take some time to reflect on our most popular blog posts. Starting at #10 our list covers product reviews, information on batteries, forklift technicians, safety and more.

Which topic was the most popular? Scroll through the post to find out. 

Top 10 Posts In 201810. Product Review: Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot Electric Cart

The Bigfoot is made to carry product and people on sound cement, asphalt, gravel and dirt surfaces. Turf tires are available as an option, but the Bigfoot is not made for use in rough or muddy terrain. Additionally, Bigfoot is made for industrial and commercial use and not intended for travel on public highways. Read more

Top 10 Posts In 20189. Review: Konecranes High-Capacity Forklifts 

Supporting the Produce industry in Salinas, the Konecranes are a reliable and high-quality forklift. The Konecranes forklift has not only exceeded our expectations as a company but it has continued to exceed our customers’ expectations, providing them with a reliable forklift they can count on for their operation. Read more. 

Top 10 Posts In 20188. Single-Double Forklift Attachments

It’s been said that the single-double forklift attachment may have been the greatest thing to happen to material handling productivity in the last thirty years. The single-double allows a standard forklift to carry two pallets at a time instead of one.

Moving double the loads means fewer trips and greater productivity, and side-shifting allows faster, more accurate loading of trucks and containers. Read more. 

Top 10 Posts In 20187. Dock Levelers Vs. Edge of Docks

Dock levelers and edge of docks are used to bridge the gap between a truck trailer and the warehouse dock. Typically, there is an 8-10 inch gap between the edge of the dock and the trailer due to rubber or steel bumpers used to protect the dock from potential damage from trucks.In order to load or unload a trailer, the warehouse needs a bridge to drive a forklift, pallet jack, or other material handling equipment over the gap. This is where a dock leveler (aka pit leveler) or edge-of-docks comes into play. Read more. 

Top 10 Posts In 20186. Thin Plate Pure Lead Forklift Batteries vs. Lithium Ion

If you’re looking for a replacement forklift battery that is low-maintenance and fast-charging, but don’t want to spend the money for lithium-ion, consider a thin plate pure lead battery. Unlike a lead-acid battery that requires frequent watering, a thin plate battery does not need to be watered or equalized, and (in most cases) they cost 50% less than lithium-ion.A thin plate lead battery can charge to 100% capacity in less than one and a half hours for Class III applications, and in five hours for Class I. Thin plate lead batteries are the superior choice for opportunity or fast charging and offer greater capacity for longer run time between charges. Read more. 

5. How Much is My Used Forklift Worth? Top 10 Posts In 2018

Whether you’re looking to trade-in a used forklift or sell a forklift due to changing operational needs, you may be wondering, how much is my used forklift worth? There are several factors buyers use to calculate the value of a used forklift including hours, age and mast specs. Equipment appearance and maintenance history can also influence the price. Read the post to learn more. Read more. 

Top 10 Posts In 20184. Is a Lithium Ion Forklift Battery Worth the Extra Expense?

In the material handling industry, productivity and efficiency are two important keys to success. There are only so many hours in the day, so whenever a company can find a way to do more in less time, they gain a competitive advantage. For some operations, lithium-ion forklift batteries provide that extra edge by reducing labor costs and improving productivity.In this article, we’ll answer common questions about lithium-ion (L-I) forklift batteries including: – How long does it take to charge a lithium-ion forklift battery and- When are lithium-ion forklift batteries worth the extra cost? Read more.

Top 10 Posts In 20183. Kirk Hamre – Moving to SoCal

Kirk Hamre, account manager for Alameda County has announced he and his wife are moving to Southern California in the new year. “After long consideration, my wife and I have decided to move to Orange County. My wife is from the area, and she has wanted to move back for many years. Recently, her job was restructured in a way that will allow us to make this move,” Kirk said.Kirk’s last day with Total Industries is Monday, December 31st. Kirk joined TMH in 2013 and has been a valued and well-respected member of our team ever since. Read more

Top 10 Posts In 20182. Career Options for Auto Mechanics – Forklift Technician

If you’re an auto mechanic looking for better pay and a family-friendly company, consider becoming a forklift technician with Total Industries. According to independent research conducted by Toyota, the average forklift mechanic salary is $50,440/year. Compare this to the average salary of $39,980 for an auto mechanic.

Forklift mechanic salaries vary by location and level of experience. That said, TMH offers competitive wages and excellent benefits. Also, as the graphic in this post illustrates, mechanics can generally expect to make more as a forklift technician than an auto mechanic. Read more.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the #1 Most Popular Blog post of 2018…

Top 10 Posts In 20181. Common Forklift Operator Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Sitting for long periods, twisting into awkward positions and spending all day riding in a machine with no suspension are just a few reasons forklift operators find themselves with musculoskeletal and repetitive use injuries.

Lower back pain, musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries are some of the most common reasons for absenteeism and workers comp claims. According to a report on OSHA’s website: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are the most widespread occupational health hazard facing our Nation today. Nearly two million workers suffer work-related musculoskeletal disorders every year, and about 600,000 lose time from work as a result. Although the median number of lost workdays associated with these incidents is seven days, the most severe injuries can put people out of work for months and even permanently disable them. In addition, $1 of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation stems from insufficient ergonomic protection. The direct costs attributable to MSDs are $15 to $20 billion per year, with total annual costs reaching $45 to $54 billion. In this post, we’ll uncover the most common injuries forklift operators experience, and how operators, facility managers, and fleet managers can prevent them. Read more

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