Why Toyota Makes The Best Forklift Engine

Why Toyota Makes the Best Forklift Engine

Why Toyota Makes The Best Forklift Engine
Dependable, hardworking, and reliable are just a few words Toyota forklift owners use to describe their trucks, and that’s not just lip-service. Toyota forklift engines are known to last 30,000+ hours without a major engine overhaul – three times longer than an average forklift engine. Some Toyota 4Y engines are still working hard with 80,000+ hours.

As every experienced forklift buyer knows, it’s what’s inside that counts. Toyota’s internal combustion (IC) engines are designed and continuously refined, for durability and low cost of ownership. Also, most forklift manufactures don’t make their own engines, so you don’t really know what you’re gettingRead on to learn more about what’s under the hood in a Toyota forklift and why Toyota makes the industry’s best forklift engines.

Toyota’s 4Y Forklift Engine

Inside Toyota’s Core IC Cushion and Core IC Pneumatic, you’ll find Toyota’s 4Y engine, one of the industry’s longest lasting, most durable forklift engines. In addition to being the cleanest engine in the industry, it’s one of the best in extreme temperatures. That’s why you’ll find Toyota forklifts hard at work outside paper mills in Georgia’s summer sun and running smoothly in wintry Minnesota.

The 4Y engine’s superior fuel-efficiency means Toyota forklift owners spend less time and money fueling up, and more time hitting productivity goals. It’s  is as good for the environment as it is for your business. 

A Toyota forklift may cost more upfront, but it pays for itself in the long-run. Year after year, in an independent survey, Toyota forklifts are voted #1 for:

Overall quality
Overall value
Lowest cost of ownership
Fewest safety-related incidents

Why Toyota Makes The Best Forklift Engine

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