Why Toyota’s 8FGU25 is the Swiss Army Knife of Forklifts

Why Toyota's 8fgu25 Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Forklifts

Product Name:  8fgu25
Manufacturer:  Toyota
Interesting features:  Uses the 4Y engine manufactured by Toyota specifically for this forklift.  It provides high torque at low RPM for excellent fuel efficiency. Active Mast Control and the System of Active Stability come are standard features that enhance safety and improve control of the forklift and its load.
Price Range:  Starting in the low $30,000’s
Value for the money: Excellent
Options: There are many factory options available in addition to aftermarket options.  Some of the most popular options are 3rd and 4th function valves to provide added versatility such as and side-shifting fork positioners,  and one of the reasons the 8fgu25 is called the “Swiss Army Knife” of forklifts.

Traction-treaded solid pneumatic tires are a popular option because they are puncture-resistant yet offer a smooth ride over rougher terrain. For applications where the forklift used is used on non-paved applications (driveways, loading ramps) in addition to smooth surfaces – this is truly the best of both worlds.

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Toyota Pneumatic Forklift 

Best For: Toyota’s 8fgu25 is a good choice for a broad range of applications including: lumber yards, facilities, foundries, corporation yards and general manufacturing. This forklift is popular with produce distributors in Napa, Fresno in the Central Valley and warehouse/distribution centers in the Bay Area.  

The 8fgu25’s larger brother, the 8fgu30, is similar in design and power train, with additional load capacity to allow for the use of many attachment types including clamps, rotators, push-pulls, and more.

Not Recommended For: Indoor-only applications, with smooth floor surfaces. For indoor applications, the 8fgcu25 has a lower cost and cushion tires.  The 8fgu25 is also not recommended for severe rough terrain use which may require high-flotation tires, higher ground clearance, and possibly 4-wheel drive. 

Pros: The 8fgu25 and 8fgu30 are excellent for businesses with that require their forklift to “multi-task,” serving as both a warehouse lift and an outside lift, including container/trailer loading and unloading.  Excellent value and versatility.  Resale value is also high due to the general purpose nature of this lift.

Cons: Virtually none