Why Toyota's 8fgu25 Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Forklifts

Review: Toyota Core IC Pneumatic Forklift

Review: Toyota Core Ic Pneumatic ForkliftProduct Name: Core IC Pneumatic Forklift
Manufacturer: Toyota
Lift Capacity: 3,000 – 6,500lbs
Notable feature(s): 20% improved fuel-efficiency (versus the previous model)
Price Range:
$19,000 – $40,000  
Value for the money:
Gasoline, LPG, Diesel or CNG* 
*Limited availability

Best for: asphalt and concrete surfaces. The Toyota IC is made for outdoor applications (lumber yards, construction sites, brick block and pipe, and also general warehouse). 
Not recommended for: indoor applications. Although the Toyota IC Pneumatic can operate indoors with relative ease, we recommend units in this model family be used primarily for outdoor applications. For an electric version of this outdoor pneumatic forklift, please see Toyota’s 80-volt electric pneumatic family of products. For primarily indoor applications, we recommend the Core IC Cushion, or Core Electric family of product from Toyota.

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Review: Toyota Core Ic Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota Core IC Forklift Pros & Cons

We get a lot of inquiries about 5,000lb forklifts, so that’s the model we’ll use to compare. Below are pros and cons of Toyota’s 8FGU25 Core IC versus the Yale GP050, Hyster H50 and Nissan PF50.

Pros: Compared to other lift trucks in its class, the Toyota Core IC has the best lift speed when handling a full load, and can manage a 34% grade – which none of the competing models can. This machine also has the second-highest horsepower: 51hp compared to the Nissan PF50 which has 55hp. Lastly, Toyota forklifts tend to have a higher resale value vs other manufacturers.

Cons: The top speed for the Toyota is 10.9mph. This is the lowest max speed, but not by much. Other comparable lift trucks top out at between 11.2mph, up to 11.8mph for the Yale GP050. Hyster’s H50 offers the tightest turning radius: 84.6” versus 87.5” for Toyota.

Hands-on with the Toyota Core IC –  The Core IC is one of our most popular lift trucks. It’s a workhorse! Fleet managers tell us they experience far less down time with this machine, and operators tell us it’s more comfortable than other lift trucks. A suspension seat comes standard on the Core IC, which is a $1,000 – $1300 add-on for other company’s models.

Summary: Overall, the Toyota Core IC is a reliable, durable forklift with speed being the only drawback. Though not the cheapest model, the long-term cost of ownership is lower and this machine will hold its value better than other lift trucks in its class.

Learn more about the Core IC Pneumatic from Toyota’s website, or request a quote from Total Industries. If you’d like to try before you buy, consider renting a Core IC Pneumatic forklift

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