Forklift Review: Toyota Electric Stand-up  Rider

*Originally published in 2017. Toyota Material Handling plans on launching a new SR1 stand-up rider in 2022 that has a load capacity up to 5,000 lb. Learn more about electric forklift options here

Product Name:  Toyota Electric Stand Up Rider 
Model Numbers: 8BNCU15-16.5, 8BNCU15-18.5, 8BNCU18-16.5, 8BNCU18-18.5, 8BNCU20-18.5, 8BNCU20-21.5
Lift Capacity:  3,000 – 4,000 lbs.

Notable feature(s): Dock-to-stock flexibility, 10 ft. narrow-aisle navigability, 36-Volt electrical system, AC drive and lift motors, side stance operation for intuitive forward and reverse travel, lift heights up to 23 feet, can support multiple shifts.

Options: integral sideshift, cold storage conditioning, reverse steering (operator facing away from forks), full free-lift 2, 3 or 4-stage mast, auto fork leveling (aka 2-way mast tilt centering), digital load weight display.

Price Range: $34k – $45k 
Value for the money: Excellent 

Get Paid to Go Electric
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Read on for pros and cons of Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider Forklift…

Best for:  indoor applications such as warehouses, cold storage and distribution centers with narrow aisles. Stand-up forklifts (in general) are ideal for applications that require the operator to get on and off the lift throughout the day.  Long runtimes, near-zero maintenance and Toyota’s reputation for reliability mean this forklift can give multi-shift operations a competitive advantage.

Not recommended for: environments with unfinished or uneven flooring (dirt, gravel, mud) or applications where operators are on their forklift most of the day with no reason to get on and off.

Toyota Stand-Up Rider Pros and Cons


  • Versatile and powerful
  • Best-in-class maneuverability vs. forklifts of similar capacity
  • Exclusive single-axis multifunction control handle intuitively controls forward/reverse travel and lift/lower functionality.
  • Dependable and reliable (Toyota has ranked #1 in safety and quality since 2002)
  • Zero-emission AC power, virtually maintenance-free


  • Not rugged enough for outdoor applications
  • Not ideal for operators who don’t need to get on and off the forklift repeatedly throughout the day

Alternatives: Toyota’s 3-Wheel Electric Forklift offers similar performance, power, safety, 10’ aisle maneuverability and the same capacity (3,000 lbs. – 4,000 lbs.). The difference? If the operator doesn’t need to get on and off the forklift throughout the day, the 3-wheel sit-down forklift provides greater comfort, which improves productivity.

Hands-on with the Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift: customers like how this forklift has a short learning curve thanks to its exclusive single-axis multifunction control handle. Operators like the exceptional visibility through the two-post overheard guard, wide view mast and overhead canopy with angle bars.

Summary: Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider Forklift is ideal for applications with limited space. Its dock-to-stock flexibility and multitasking capabilities are perfect for narrow aisle applications where operators need to get on and off the lift truck throughout the day. The angled, shock-dampened, floating operator floor reduces vibration and fatigue to keep operators comfortable and productive. AC motors minimize maintenance costs, reduce downtime (due to longer runtimes between charges) and provide faster acceleration and responsiveness.

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