Forklift Attachments: Move More Product In Less Time
There are only so many hours in a day. So if you need to get more done in the same amount of time, forklift attachments are a great way to go. No matter what kind of product you move, the right forklift attachment can pay for itself in improved efficiency by:

  • Moving twice as much product
  • Improving driver productivity
  • Simplifying your workflow
  • Reducing product handling/damage
  • Eliminating costly, strenuous, and sometimes dangerous manual labor

Every business has to stay focused on speed, costs and quality. Forklift attachments can help you improve all three things by reducing product handling. Let’s start with weigh forks:


Cascade Weigh Forks

Weigh product as you move it with Cascade’s weigh forks. The attachment is legal-for-trade certified, so you can weigh and transport product in one easy step.  In addition to reducing handling, weigh forks help quickly detect picking errors and improve accuracy.

Fork Positioners

If your operators regularly deal with pallets of different sizes, a fork positioner attachment can save them a ton of time. Fork positioners allow the operator to adjust the distance between forks without leaving their seat and can eliminate hand, finger, and back injuries that commonly occur when moving large, heavy forks in and out.


Sideshifter Attachment 

Sideshifters are one of the most popular attachments we sell here in Northern California. With a sideshifter, the operator can move the forks left and right without getting out of their seat. 

Combine a sideshifter with a single-double, for massive productivity gains.

The Easy Way to Double Productivity

A single-double forklift attachment allows you to move twice as many pallets per trip. The Cascade single-double attachment we carry can navigate even narrow aisles in single-pallet mode, then expand to handle two pallets. It also comes with a sideshifter.

Single-doubles are  the most common multiple pallet handler, but there are larger options available. If your lift truck has enough capacity, you can move 3, 4 or even more pallets at once. 

Rotators and Bin Dumpers

For customers looking to quickly dump loads, Rotators, and Bin Dumpers can help you save time and reduce labor costs.


Rotator attachments are commonly used to dump agricultural goods such as grapes, hops, fruit and berries into hoppers for processing or into truck beds for transportation. Other applications include waste management & recycling.

If your forklift has two hydraulic functions, you can add a side-shifting fork bar rotator. This allows you to use the rotator to dump and also use the side-shifter during normal operations. 

Rotators are a better fit where there are horizontal space constraints, as they dump sideways. Forward bin dumpers are used when it’s quicker or more practical to dump forward rather than sideways.

We sell traditional forward bin dumpers, but this new Cascade Quick Fork Mount Bin Dumper is catching on with our businesses in Northern California because it’s easy to remove when you need to use the truck for other applications. 


Say Goodbye to Messy, Expensive Pallets

A push/pull attachment allows you to ship, receive and move loads on lightweight, inexpensive slip sheets instead of heavy pallets. Bagged products such as seed and cement work well with slip sheets, as do cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages. Using a push/pull also gives the driver better visibility.

Read our case study about why Cool Port Oakland chose push/pull attachments and lithium batteries for their fleet. 


KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY: before buying a new forklift, mention any attachments you plan to add. For example, if you plan to use a single-double, it’s better for the dealer to know during the quoting phase because you’ll need a forklift with 4-hydraulic functions and a higher-capacity truck.

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View our Toyota forklift attachments available in Northern and Central California, or check our used forklift attachment inventory. We also rent forklift attachments,  including single-doubles, paper roll clamps and fork rotators. Things can get busy around harvest time, so don’t wait to lock in the equipment you need.

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