Forklift Service Contracts - Planned Vs. Full MaintenanceDowntime is one of the biggest expenses a company can face. In addition to the repair bill, you lose money every moment your supply chain is offline.

Sure, Toyota forklifts are rugged, reliable, and last 20,000 hours or more, but they do need periodic maintenance. Regular service and inspections help you catch small issues before they become big, expensive problems. A maintenance plan helps you:

    • Avoid downtime
    • Choose when your forklift goes offline for service – no surprises
    • Stick to your budget
    • Extend the life of your forklift
    • Prevent unexpected repair bills
    • Boost the resale value of your lift truck 
    • Get the most out of your forklift investment

Both full and planned maintenance can be financed along with your forklift purchase. Which one is right for you? Read on to learn more…

When to Choose Full vs. Planned Forklift Maintenance

Here’s the short answer:

If you don’t use your forklift a lot (fewer than 15 hours per week), planned maintenance tends to be a more cost-effective option. It’s also a good choice for smaller operations.

With planned maintenance, you pay a flat rate for basic services such as filter replacement and oil changes (for IC forklifts), battery checks (electric forklifts) and a thorough inspection. Replacement parts and additional repairs are not included. Think of it as a safety check-up for your forklift every 90 days.

A full maintenance plan covers labor and replacement parts (planned covers labor only). Full maintenance also includes the major 1000 and 2000-hour services. This is a very cost-effective option for fleets with medium to high-hour applications. 

Full maintenance allows you to focus on your core business, while we take care of your equipment. Our factory-certified technicians monitor and maintain your forklift(s) for one flat monthly fee – which you can finance as part of your forklift purchase. Pricing is based on estimated use:

We have three options to choose from.:

      • Our basic Bronze package covers parts and labor for all 250 hour, 1000 hour and 2000-hour services.
      • Our Silver service contract covers the services in the Bronze package plus all repairs and breakdown service calls on normal wear and tear items.  We’ll also give you a free loaner forklift if your equipment will be inoperable for more than 48 hours.
      • Our Platinum maintenance plan includes all parts and labor for repairs, breakdown and service calls (during normal business hours), tires, load wheels and bearings (one set per year), abuse/misuse charges up to $500 per occurrence and unlimited hours (no usage limitations) – in addition to everything in the Bronze and Silver packages.

Full vs. Planned Forklift Maintenance – Pros and Cons

Planned Maintenance – Pros

  • A Toyota-certified technician regularly inspects your forklift and can answer any questions you have about its functionality.
  • You only pay for forklift service when it’s performed (on a 250-hour interval, typically 30, 60 or 90-days.
  • We’ll remind you when your truck needs service
  • Schedule a tech to work on your truck whenever it’s convenient
  • TMH includes a 2-year warranty, including labor, on all genuine Toyota parts we install.
  • Pay a flat rate, no travel time charged
  • Your service tech will also inspect the mast, lift chains, forks, hydraulics, braking system, motor, safety components and any attachments

Planned Maintenance – Cons

  • You have greater financial responsibility for forklift service and repairs vs. full maintenance
  • Breakdowns aren’t covered
  • Doesn’t include 1000-hour and 2000-hour major services
  • Doesn’t include labor for repairs and/or parts for repairs or services

Full Maintenance Service Contracts

Full Maintenance – Pros

  • Pay a predictable, flat-rate monthly fee to maintain your forklift
  • All repairs and service calls for normal wear and tear are covered – no surprises
  • No quotes or bills to review
  • All major components and services are covered under the silver and platinum maintenance agreement
  • Improves resale value

Full Maintenance – Cons

  • Doesn’t cover operator abuse or accidents
    (we offer operator training and telemetry devices to help prevent these situations, and our Platinum plan includes coverage for abuse/misuse up to $500 per occurrence).

6 Reasons to Choose TMH for Forklift Service and Repair

  1. Total Industries is a family-owned business 
  2. 90+ years of dock to dock material handling experience
  3. Four strategically-located branches in Livermore, West Sacramento, Fresno, and Salinas California
  4. 24-hour mobile service and repair
  5. 130+ factory-trained parts specialists and forklift service technicians
  6. Two-thirds of our forklift techs hold a master-level certification

When You Request Forklift Repair, We Send the Best
Our forklift technicians can handle repairs on any make or model of forklift. Schedule forklift service online, or by calling a TMH location near you. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about whether a planned or full maintenance service contract is right for you.

Bay Area – Livermore (510) 675-0500
Fresno (559) 834-9500
Sacramento (916) 376-0500
Salinas (831) 757-1091

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