Understanding Your Toyota Forklift’s Model Number

Understanding Your Toyota Forklift’s Model Number

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Understanding Your Toyota Forklift’s Model Number
In today’s post, you’ll learn how to decipher your Toyota forklift’s model number. Each letter or number can tell you useful details about your lift truck. For example, a THD2200-24 is a forklift with pneumatic tires and 22,000 lbs carrying capacity at a 24” load center.

  • THD is an IC forklift with pneumatic tires
  • 2200 is short for 22,000 (the carrying capacity)
  • -24 indicates a 24″ load center

A forklift’s model number can also help you differentiate one forklift from another. This is especially helpful for large fleets where “the orange one with a propane tank on the back” could mean one of a dozen different trucks.

Toyota Forklift Model Numbers Explained

Your lift truck’s model number is encoded with information about its base capacity, fuel type, and (to some extent) how old it is.  There are two different numbering systems, we’ll start with the more common one:

Toyota Forklifts up to 17,500 lbs capacity
New Toyota forklifts generally have a model number starting with “8,” indicating they’re an “8-series” model. A forklift model number beginning with “7” may be an older model, but how old depends on the type of equipment.

Understanding Your Toyota Forklift’s Model Number

Photo courtesy toyotaforklift.com

The second character is a letter. It could be:

  • “F” for forklift
  • “H” for hand truck or pallet jack,
  • “T” for tow tractor,
  • B” for base legs (reach trucks and walkie stackers).

The third character tells you about the fuel type or drive type

  • “G” for gasoline
  • “D” for diesel
  • ”B” for battery-powered
  • ”W” appears pallet jacks, indicating a walk-behind
  • ”N” indicates a narrow chassis, typically a stand-up, counterbalanced model

The fourth (and sometimes fifth) character tells you more about the truck type

  • “A” indicates a high-capacity forklift
  • “C” tells you the forklift has cushion tires, no “C” means it has pneumatic tires
  • “H” means the lift truck has a high-capacity battery
  • “E” appears on 3-wheel electric and/or end control rider models
  • “P” tells you it’s an order picker,
  • “R” is a reach truck,
  • ”S” for stacker

Still with us? If you’re in the weeds, here is an example to help clarify.

A 8FBE15U is an 8-series 3-wheel electric forklift
“8F” tells you it’s an 8-series forklift,
“B” indicates it’s battery-powered/electric, and the
“E” tells you it’s a 3-wheel.

The “15U” part tells you the machine was made in the “U”nited States, and has a 3,000 lb capacity. The diagram above shows a chart of numbers and their corresponding chassis capacity. In the case of the 8FBE15U, “15” represents 3000 lbs. If that number were 20 instead 15, then it has a 4,000 lb capacity.

NOTE: Always check your forklift’s data plate for its rated capacity.

Toyota Forklift model numbers for 15,000 lbs and higher
The model numbers for Toyota THD forklifts with 15,000+ capacities are easier to interpret.

Understanding Your Toyota Forklift’s Model Number

Photo courtesy toyotaforklift.com

THD is an IC forklift with pneumatic tires
THDC is an IC forklift with cushion tires
THDE is a cushion tire electric
THDA is a cushion tire forklift with an adjustable wheelbase

The next part of the model number tells you the lift truck’s base lifting capacity – just add a zero. So, a THDC4000 is a High-Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift with a 40,000 lb capacity.

If the capacity number is followed by an “S,” that’s a short chassis model. A “B” tells you it’s a box car special.

The last part of the model number indicates the load center, or the container handler type if it’s port equipment. Here are some examples:

  • A model number that simply ends in “-24” means the base capacity is rated at a 24” load center.
  • If you see and  “-E” at the end followed by some numbers, that’s an empty container handler. The number tells you its max stacking capability
  • Loaded container handlers have model numbers ending with “-L###.” The number indicating the unit’s max stacking capability
  • When you see “- R” followed by numbers, that’s a reach stacker and its maximum lift capacity for the third row.

If you have any questions about Toyota forklift models, or are interested in buying a new or used forklift, please let us know.

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