Toyota Forklifts - Made In The Usa
Did you know: the world’s number one forklift is made in the USA? Toyota forklifts have been ranked #1 in the world for 15+ years in a row, and they’re made in America’s heartland.

At Toyota’s forklift manufacturing plant in Columbus, Indiana, hundreds of associates assemble 30,000+ forklifts every year. More than 500,000 forklifts have been produced in Columbus since 1990, and they’re hard at work in 13+ countries around the world.

Read on to meet some of the people who work at the Toyota forklift factory and learn more about Toyota’s commitment to its workers and the environment. If you are based in Northern or Central California and would like to visit the plant, let us know. We can help arrange a tour.

Toyota’s Forklift Factory in Columbus, Indiana

Toyota Material Handling employs more than 1,500 people on its 126-acre campus, and the combined square footage of all the buildings is slightly more than 1 million square feet. Campus facilities include: a metal fabrication shop, welding space, an on-site fitness and wellness center for employees and their families, and a facility where team members can receive routine medical care or get prescriptions filled.

The factory produces more than 60 different types of lift trucks including:

Electric Forklifts and 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts
Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklifts
Internal Combustion Cushion Forklifts

When you buy a Toyota forklift or other material handling equipment, you support American workers and their families. The video below shows some of the people who work at Toyota’s forklift plant in Columbus:


Toyota Forklift’s Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing

Toyota has been honored numerous times for its dedication to environmental responsibility and commitment to continuous improvement. Toyota remains the first and only forklift manufacturer to offer EPA and CARB-certified Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered forklifts

At Toyota’s manufacturing plants around the world, including here in the United States, environmental responsibility is considered part of daily operations. The Toyota Production System (TPS) philosophy includes the 3Rs: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle, and the reduction of waste (muda in Japanese) is one of the key guidelines. Here are a few ways Toyota strives to make its forklift manufacturing processes environmentally-friendly:

  1. The Columbus plant became a zero-landfill manufacturing facility in 2004
  2. Toyota’s forklift plant in Columbus, Indiana is ISO 14001 certified
  3. The water sent back to the water treatment facility in Columbus is cleaner than required by government standards

Toyota promotes environmental responsibility throughout its supply chain and requires its top 65 suppliers (who account for more than 85 percent of the materials purchased locally) to be ISO 14001 certified or have an equivalent EMS (Environmental Management System). Toyota requests all suppliers use environmentally-friendly materials and processes.

If you plan to visit Columbus, Indiana, you can request a tour of the plant. In 2018, more than 2,500 people visited Toyota forklift’s “hometown.” If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, Central Valley or elsewhere in Northern or Central California, contact Total Industries online or by phone, we can help arrange your visit.

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